Where Is Area 51?

More details Area 51 border and warning sign stating that "photography is prohibited" and that "use of deadly force is authorized"

Area 51 is the United States Air Force facility that is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base located in Nevada. The area is restricted to the public, and its activities are shrouded in secrecy. The area is a military installation which is chiefly used for aircraft development and testing.

6. Where Is Area 51? -

Area 51 is located in Lincoln County, Nevada, less than 100 miles from Las Vegas in the US. The area's coordinates are recorded as 115 degrees 48 minutes west longitude and 37 degrees 14 minutes north latitude. The area lies in proximity to the dry lake bed of Groom Lake, the small town of Rachel and the Nevada Test Site to the west.

5. History Of Area 51 -

The region where Area 51 lies was acquired by the US government in 1955 to test atomic weapons. The site was founded by the Central Intelligence (CIA) for use in the Project Aquatone. The project was aimed at testing reconnaissance aircraft made by the company Lockheed Martin. The site was chosen because of its climate, isolation and opportunities for future expansion. From 1959, Project OXCART was started on the site, and it was then that the name Area 51 was first used. Facilities were built in the area, which included a runway, hangars, housing facilities, workshops, offices, recreational facilities and a fire station. Over the years, Area 51 has been presumed to be used for the development and testing of weapons systems and experimental aircraft.

4. Demographics Of Area 51 -

Little is known about the inhabitants of Area 51, who are military and civilian workers. The site has expanded to include most of the surrounding landscape in a bid to restrict public access. Commuters to the location travel on unmarked Boeing planes which use the word ‘Janet' as a code to the airport's control tower. The nearby town of Rachel is home to about 50 official inhabitants.

3. Economy Of Area 51 -

Area 51 is home to an estimated 1600-2000 workers working on the site. Tourism is also a significant economic activity in the nearby Nevada town of Rachel.

2. Climate, Habitat, And Biodiversity -

Area 51 is located on a vast expanse of Nevada desert, complete with abundant cactus vegetation. The region has a hot climate with little rainfall. The terrain is barren and rugged, and it supports little flora and fauna.

1. Tourism And Tourist Activities -

The area around Area 51 has become a tourist destination, mostly fueled by the mystery and myths surrounding Area 51. Conspiracy theories of alien bodies and extraterrestrial artifacts available in the area have only fueled curiosity of many and therefore attract hundreds of people to the area. Most of these tourists visit the nearby town of Rachel, from where they drive down a dirt road to a view base 30 miles away from the site. A strenuous hike leads to an elevated viewing base called the Tikaboo Peak, from where glimpses of the site are caught.

The town of Rachel consists of a motel called the little A'Le'Inn and a thrift store, which are popular with tourists. These establishments are designed in line with the alien conspiracy theories surrounding Area 51. The town attracts its fair share of conspiracy and aircraft enthusiasts.


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