Where Does The President Of North Korea Live?

The president's official residence is found in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.
The president's official residence is found in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

Ryongsong residence is the principal official residence of the president of North Korea, which is also known as Residence No.55. The citizens refer to the palace as the central luxury mansion. It is located in Ryongsong District in the northern region of Pyongyang which is about 7.5 miles to the north Eastern part of Kim II-sung square. The whole complex covers an area of about 4.6 square miles. It has been indicated that there are about eight residences of the country’s leader that are found outside of Pyongyang.


The construction brigade of the Korean people’s army built the complex and completed it in 1983 when Kim II-sung was the leader of North Korea. Kim Jong-un is currently using Ryongsong as his primary residence since the time he succeeded his father as the leader of North Korea. The facility has underground rooms having walls protected with iron rods and concrete walls covered with lead for protection in case of a nuclear attack. Several military units protect the facility with different types of weapons, and the complex has an electric fence and minefields around. The complex has underground tunnels that connect to other residences like Changgyong or residence No.26. Ryongsong residence has an underground train, and the station is inside the compound. There are different facilities like human-made lakes and gardens around the residence.

Facilities In The Ryongsong Residence

Among the facilities found in Ryongsong include a horse racing track, horse stables, and riding area, spas and saunas, shooting range, and running track and athletic field. There is also a swimming pool measuring 160 feet long and 49 feet wide, as well as banquet halls located in front of the lake.

Kangdong Residence

Kangdong is the second main residence and serves as a summer retreat of the North Korean president. It is located in Pyongyang Suburban County at Kangdong-un, and it is about 19 miles from Kim II-sung Square. The complex covers an area of 1.5 square miles. The Kangdong residence was built in the 1980s and expanded further in the 1990s. The residence is used mainly in summer when the country’s leader is on holiday or when holding a party with close officials. The complex has elaborate gardens around several lakes. The residence has many guest houses and banquet halls. The compound of the complex is a maximum-security area, and there are many guards and checkpoints.

Other Residences

There are several other official residences of North Korea's top leaders in different regions, and all of them are kept secret by the government of North Korea, and very few photographs exist of these residences. Many of them have been identified on satellite photographs. Sinju North Korean Leader’s Residence is one of the many official residences of the president of North Korea. It is believed that Kim Jong-un took over the residence from his father in 2011. The facility is located in the province of North Pyongan near Sinuiju. Other residences include Ryokpo located in Pyongyang, Ryokpo district, Samsok residence in Pyongyang, Samsok district, Pyongsong residence located in south Pyongan, Wonsan residence located in Kangwon, and Changsuwon residence in Ryongsong District, Pyongyang. Other residences include Nambo residence, Paektusan Residence, Hyangsan Residence, Anju residence, changsong residence, and Ragwon Residence.


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