Where Do Dutch People Come From?

Young girl wearing traditional Dutch clothing.
Young girl wearing traditional Dutch clothing.

The people living within the nation of the Netherlands are referred to as the Dutch people. The Netherlands is a European nation that spans approximately 16,040 square miles and, according to estimates from 2018, it was home to about 17,249,632 individuals making it the 66th most populous nation at the time. The Netherlands has a high population density with approximately 1076 people living within each square mile which is the 30th with the highest population density globally. The Netherlands is a member of several international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), and NATO. Due to the nation’s great economy, it is one of the countries that make up the G10. According to a study carried out by the UN, people living in the Netherlands were among the happiest people on earth as the nation ranked sixth globally in the World Happiness Index. One of the reasons individuals from the Netherlands are particularly happy is because of the high life quality within the country.

History of the Dutch People

Archaeological evidence indicates that the earliest humans to live within the borders of the present-day nation probably began living in the region about 250,000 years ago. Communities that lived within the Netherlands during later periods relied heavily on hunting reindeer to provide them with meat and skin essential to their survival. Evidence has been found of the types of weapons that they relied on the earliest were spears and that, later on, the discovery of the bow and arrow made their hunting more efficient. The Netherlands was an important region during the Iron Age as iron allowed the communities within its borders to thrive and expand. The fact that iron was readily available in much of the territory also contributed to the growth and dominance of several communities such as the Hallstatt culture. The Netherlands fell under the control of the Roman Empire with notable victories by the Romans during the reign of Julius Cesar.

Dutch People Around the World

A large number of Dutch individuals live outside the borders of the Netherlands due to some factors but mainly associated with the nation’s history. Countries with a sizeable Dutch population include the United States and South Africa both with approximately over 5,000,000 Dutch people. The US has the largest concentration of Dutch people outside the Netherlands with an estimated population of about 5,087,000. The Dutch participated in international trade during much of their history resulting in the spread of Dutch culture around the world as well as the culture drawing influence from some international practices. The Dutch established colonies which contributed to a large number of Dutch individuals living outside the nation’s boundaries. The sizeable Dutch population in South Africa played a significant role in the nation’s history as they ruled the country after it gained independence from the UK.

Contributions of Dutch People To World History

The Dutch have made great contributions to world history. Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most respected and influential painters of all time. He is from the Netherlands. There have also been famous Dutch architects such as Jaap Bakema and Pierre Cuypers


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