What Is Unique About Ontario's Sleeping Giant?

When viewed from Thunder Bay, the rock formations resembles a sleeping giant.
When viewed from Thunder Bay, the rock formations resembles a sleeping giant.

The Ontario’s Sleeping Giant is located in Thunder Bay District of Ontario, Canada approximately 25 kilometers east of Thunder Bay. It is a mass of mesas and sills on the Sibley Peninsula on the southern tip of the Sibley Peninsula. The mass of sills and mesas resembles a lying giant. When it is viewed from the west or northwest section of Thunder Bay, it appears like a giant lying on its back while also folding its arms across the chest. As one is moving southwards towards the Squaw Bay, the formation appears to be dividing into smaller sections. The view as one progress towards Squaw Bay reveals a giant with a protruding Adam’s apple. Sleeping Giant is at an elevation of 563 meters above the sea level and forms part of the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. The film “Sleeping Giant” produced in 2015 was based on the cliff.

Legends Behind the Formation of the Sleeping Giant

There are many legends behind the formation of the Ontario’s Sleeping Giant. The most popular legend involves a giant that was referred to as Nanabijou. The Ojibway legend explains that Nanabijou turned in to a stone when the location of the rich silver mine, which was supposed to be a guarded secret was discovered. The Silver Islet, which was the name of the silver mine was revealed to the white men. Nanabijou is said to have been the spirits of the Deep Sea Water. The giant was turned to stone because it could not keep the secrets.

Unique Features

The Sleeping Giant is characterized by a number of high and steep cliffs.The cliffs are one of the highest in Ontario. The Sleeping Giant of Ontario was voted number one of the Seven Wonders of Canada, defeating the Niagara Falls and the Bay of Fundy. The giant is one of Ontario’s most popular natural features. It can be seen from most points on the Thunder Bay. The uniqueness of the land mass is also depicted through its shape. The shape of a giant person with many clear body parts makes it more unique. It is a natural rock jutting into Lake Superior and forming the Thunder Bay. The many legends behind the formation of the natural rock ignite the curiosity of the people who want to visit and see this fallen giant. The giant is approximately 4 km long with cliffs that are approximately 250 meters high. The highest point on the cliff is on the giant’s chest.


The Ontario’s Sleeping Giant is a popular tourist destination in Ontario. Visitors from the Thunder Bay area and faraway places visit the Sleeping Giant almost daily. The beautiful view of the Lake Superior from the giant attracts tourists. The most popular destination on the giant is the Chimney Lookout, which is located on its knees. Furthermore, there are excellent hiking trails on the giant and in the park.The incredible hiking trails are characterized by breathtaking geological features such as the Tee Harbor and the Sea Lion. There are full service cabins situated close to the giant that facilitate the accommodation of tourists all year round.


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