What is the Temperature in Space?

A 3D rendering of deep space.
A 3D rendering of deep space.

The temperature in space is said to vary, but there is one word that can easily be used to describe it: hot! Some parts are relatively hot whereas others are extremely hot. However, on both ends of the scale, the temperatures are more than a thousand degrees, some reaching as high as millions of degrees. The temperature in space is very different from the temperature here on Earth. 

Regulation of Temperature 

The atmosphere regulates the temperatures of the Earth. The main reason why we do not receive the maximum heat from the sun is thanks to the atmosphere. However, if one flies to outer space, he or she is likely to experience higher temperatures as they get closer to the sun. As stated earlier, the temperature in space varies. For instance, in the shade temperatures can be as low as -180 degrees Fahrenheit while in some places such as at the surface of Mercury, the heat temperatures can be around 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Scientists have suggested that there is no atmosphere in space, therefore no object can heat up or get cold. The gas in outer space is extremely thin and due to this thinness, the air cannot warm anything up. Space has a limited number of gas particles; therefore, the particles cannot bombard and transfer heat to other objects. Consequently, it is possible to travel in space without getting burned to a crisp provided one is adequately shielded from the sun. When shielded, one can efficiently radiate all the heat and acquire the temperature of the cosmic background, which is relatively calm. Considering the distance of the earth to the sun, a space thermometer records an approximate temperature of 45.

The Hottest Planets

Not every planet has a climate that is as pleasant and hospitable as planet Earth's. Although Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, it is not actually the hottest planet. Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System with an mean temperature of 464 degrees Celsius. Earth has a mean temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. 


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