What Is The State Flower Of Ohio?

Red carnations, the state flower of Ohio.
Red carnations, the state flower of Ohio.

The red carnation (scarlet carnation) is the designated state flower of Ohio. The flower was awarded the official status in 1904. The red carnation was designated the official state flower in honor of President William McKinley, the 12th president of the United States who was assassinated in 1901. McKinley wore a red carnation on his jacket whenever he attended official functions. The white trillium is the official wildflower of Ohio. The red carnation flowers are between 2 and 3 inches across with five-clawed and serrated petals. Although they are known as “red,” Their color vary from red, white to pink. They can either be found as single flowers, or in forked clusters.

Facts About The Red Carnations

  • Red carnations are perennials and can grow to a height of about 2 feet
  • The stems of the carnation are woody at the base with herbaceous branches.
  • The leaves are between four to six inches, narrow, and their color varies from green to glaucous blue.
  • When the plant begins to flower swollen nodes appear on the stem
  • The fruits of the red carnation form as a capsule with several tiny seeds
  • The plant can either be propagated by seed or cuttings

Significance Of The Red Carnation

The carnation is a durable, delightful, and delicate flower. Its scientific name “Dianthus” translates to “flower of the gods” or “flower of love.”It is one of the oldest and most cultivated flowers because of the ruffled appearance, long blooming period and clove-like scent. The history of the carnation dates back to the Roman and Greek times when it was used for decor and art. Christians believe that the first carnation bloomed when Mary wept as Jesus carried the cross to his place of crucifixion. The carnations symbolize love, distinction, and fascination, but like other flowers, different colors express a different message.A light red carnation symbolizes admiration while the dark carnation express love and affection. The carnation is the official flower of mother's day in the United States. It is also worn in boutonnieres and corsages for prom and special events.


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