What Is The State Flower of New York?

There are over 150 species of the rose plant.
There are over 150 species of the rose plant.

The state of New York in the Northeastern United States is one of the most populous states in the country. The state was New York was one of the original Thirteen Colonies. New York City makes up about 40% of the state's total population. The official state flower of New York state is the rose flower, which was adopted as the official flower in 1995. Apart from being the official state flower of New York state, the rose flower is also the national flower of the United States. It was designated as the floral emblem and official flower of the US in 1986.

The Rose

The rose flowers are one of the widely cultivated flowers on the planet. Over 150 different species of this plant exist and more than 20,000 hybrid rose plants exist. The rose flowers are among the most flowering plants in the world. The flowers can be either large and solitary or extremely small and highly clustered. The flowers of these plants do not exhibit a characteristic color; the colors can range from white through the various shades of lilac, peach, pink, and deep red. There are also rare species of this plant that exhibit bright yellow flowers. The rose plants are known to grow to a maximum height of about ten feet while the shortest plant can grow up to 2 feet. Rose plant is also characterized by spiny thorns that cover a significant part of its body. The flower is usually used to symbolize beauty and love as well as politics and war.

History of the New York State Flower

Before the rose flower was officially adopted as the New York’s official state flower, it took various considerations. For instance, the New York school children were asked to vote for a state flower in 1890, however, the legislative body never announced the results. The New York legislature was keen on selecting the most suitable plant that could last, and after serious deliberations, they settled on the use of the rose flower as the state flower. Roses are also known to do exceptionally well in New York City making it a great choice for the state flower. Three different species of roses are grown in New York City. They have been classified depending on the habitat and breeding. Some of the common species of roses grown in this city include old roses, modern shrub, climbers and ramblers, hybrid tea roses, and miniature roses.

Uses for the Rose

The rose flowers are also characterized by their sweet aroma, and they are mainly used to signify love. They are sold mostly in New York by online florists who deliver as requested. The petals of this plant are also edible. Since its discovery, the rose plant has also been used for medicinal purposes. Wild birds and other animals mostly eat the fruit of the rose flower plat, which is generally referred to as the rosehip during winter. Therefore, when planting this flower, it is essential to take caution of these animals and birds as they can destroy the entire farm. 


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