What Is The State Flower of Mississippi?

A magnolia, the state flower of Mississippi.
A magnolia, the state flower of Mississippi.

From traditional rose to pine cone to cactus bloom, official state flowers not only represent the environment but also the persona of each state. Each of the 50 states in the United States has a state flower. The official state flower of Mississippi is the magnolia. The official state wildflower of Mississippi is the coreopsis. 

State flowers are considered one of the many state symbols and play an important role in giving each state its identity. The process of selecting a state flower involves many factors other than beauty. Some states were inspired by the hardiness of the flower or its medicinal values while others consider the historical significance of the flower.

The State Flower Of Mississippi

Mississippi has both a state flower and a state wildflower. It designated coreopsis as its official wildflower in 1991. Coreopsis consist of a group of 35 species of flowering plant of which 28 are native to North America and the rest are native to South and Central America.

The official state flower of Mississippi is Magnolia. In fact, the state is nicknamed “The Magnolia State” and the state tree is also the magnolia. Mississippi school children were tasked with choosing a state flower back in 1900. They overwhelmingly voted for the magnolia over several other native flowers such as cotton blossom and Cape jasmine. 

What Does the Magnolia Flower Look Like?

Magnolia blossoms in spring with buds appearing in late March and early April. The flowers are showy and elegant. The bloom is cup-like and appears in colors ranging from cream to pink. They range in sizes and can reach an impressive 15 inches across. Each flower has waxy petals that contrast the tree’s green foliage. Magnolia flowers are characterized by a strong sweet perfume that is used to make some brands of air fresheners. Although the magnolia flower is impressively beautiful, it has a short lifespan and blooms for only a few days. By autumn the flower has dried up and the petals have fallen. The petal is replaced by seed pods that are an important food source for rabbits, squirrels, and birds.

Some Interesting Facts About Magnolia

Magnolia flowers produce a large amount of pollen but do not produce true nectar. Pollens have a high amount of protein and are used as food mainly by beetles who are the main pollinators. The magnolia tree has a pyramidal crown that is approximately 80 feet in height with a spread of about 50 feet. The back of the tree is dark brown to gray. 


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