What is the Holy City of Christianity?

A view of Jerusalem.
A view of Jerusalem.

All religions in the world have attached great significance to a certain city or various cities. The holy city may be the home of a religious mentor, the birthplace of their “god” or where a prominent temple or shrine was constructed. Jerusalem is the holy city of Christians. Globally, faithfuls attach great significance to the city. The article below describes the holy city of Jerusalem.


Jerusalem is located on the plateaus of Judaean Mountains between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean. The city is one of the ancient cities of the world. Steep valleys overlook Jerusalem from three sides. There is Hinnom on the south and west while the Kidron is to the east. Mount Moriah the location where Abraham was to sacrifice his son Isaac is believed to be in Jerusalem. However, the modern city has extended to the west and north of the old city.

To the east of the Old City of Jerusalem is Mount Olives. Tall, vulnerable olive trees are un the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed in agony. Mount Zion which is located to the southwest is the highest point in ancient Jerusalem. The Cenacle, the site of the Upper Room in Jerusalem.

Heritage Of Different Faiths

Jerusalem has a fascinating blend of magnificent sights, smells and sounds. Jerusalem has 1200 synagogues and more than 150 churches derived from the 17 Christian denominations. The museums in Israel has collections of arts and archeology with important Christian materials like the Shrine of the Book with Dead Sea Scrolls. 

The Four Quarters

The City of Jerusalem is surrounded by a wall. The city is subdivided into four quarters. The quarters are named on the basis of their religious significance. The Christian Quarter is the most conspicuous and most visited. It contains the pools of Bethsaida, a section of the Via Dolorosa and the ancient Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Holy Sepulchre enshrines where Christ died, was buried and resurrected. Clusters of numerous Christian churches are among the holy sites in the quarter. Other quarters are set for Muslims, Jews and one for Armenians. The Armenian Quarter is highly recognized since it is a reminder that Armenia legislated Christianity as the state religion before any other country in the world.


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