What Is The Ethnic Composition Of Andorra?

A snowboarder in Andorra.
A snowboarder in Andorra.

Andorra is a country located between Spain and France. It is among the smallest countries in Europe. The country is thought to have come into existence during the Neolithic and Mesolithic periods. Although it is not a member of the European Union, Andorra has formed an alliance with the union which has resulted in the country using the Euro as its currency. The land area of Andorra is 468 square kilometers. The country was inhabited by 85,708 people as of July 2018. Its capital city, as well as the largest city, is called Andorra la Vella.

The ethnic groups in Andorra include Andorran (Catalan speakers), Spanish, French, and Portuguese. 


Catalan is the primary language utilized in schools, media, and government in Andorra. Andorrans comprise of 48.8% of the country’s population. Catalan is a romance language and is also widely spoken in Spain.


Spanish Andorrans represent around 25.1% of the country’s population. Andorra is bordered by Spain to the south and to the west. 


Currently, Portuguese Andorrans form 12% of the country’s population which translates to over 10,000 Portuguese living in Andorra. Andorran Portuguese originally comes from the Minho and Trás-os-Montes regions in northern Portugal.


Many of the 4.4% of people who belong to the French ethnic group are immigrants from Francophone Africa. The presence of a French education system may have resulted in its popularity in Andorra. Besides, as one moves about the country, they will most likely hear French being spoken by tourists and in restaurants. Politically, France and Andorran presidents have close bilateral ties. The percentage of other ethnic groups that exist in Andorra apart from the Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Andorran is 9.7%.


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