What Is The Capital Of Ukraine?

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

The seat of government of Ukraine is situated in Kiev and, therefore, it is the official capital city of Ukraine. The population of Kiev is estimated to be about 2.9 million inhabitants, making Kiev the largest city in the country. The city sits on an area covering 324 square miles translating to a population density of 8,540 persons per square mile. The administrative authority of the city is the Kiev City Council which is headed by the Mayor, and the city is made up of 10 administrative regions known as “raions.”

History Of The Capital City Of Ukraine

The local legend states that three brothers established the city of Kiev; Khoryv, Shchek, and Kyi and was named after the oldest of the three brothers, Kyi. Historians believe that the city existed in the 6th century as a settlement of the Slavs. Records show that Kiev had been a Christian city since 988 with the Orthodox Christian Church having a great following in the city. Kiev soon grew both in population and in political significance and by the 12th century, the city had become the center of East Slavic civilization in a period known as the Kiev’s “Golden Age.” The Golden Age was brought to an end by the Mongol invasions of 1240 which led to the complete destruction of Kiev, ending the city’s long-lived political influence in the region. Kiev would later grow to become one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century while being part of the Russian Empire. Ukraine formally recognized Kiev as the nation’s capital in 1917 after the country became independent from the Russian Empire. Kiev was significantly destroyed during the two World Wars of the 20th century but soon recovered to become the third largest city in the Soviet Union.

Transport In Ukraine's Capital City

Kiev boasts of one of the densest metro networks in Eastern Europe. The Kiev Metro is the most popular and the most reliable metro system in Kiev, with its network covering most of the city. The Kiev Metro is about 41 miles long, and its 51 stations found in all regions of the city allow the metro to have the capacity of carrying 1 million passengers each day. The city also operates and manages road transport facilities, all of which (except for taxis) use a simple flat-rate tariff system. Kiev is also served by railway transport and is home to one long-distance railway station (the Kiev Passenger Railway Station) and six cargo railway stations. The city owns and operates an “Urban Train” which conducts daily trips around the city and serves Kiev’s inner suburbs. There are two major international airports which serve Kiev which is Zhulyany Airport and Boryspil Airport. Boryspil Airport is the largest commercial airport in Ukraine and is located about 19 miles from the city center.

Twin Cities

Kiev has the privilege of being considered as a sister city or twin town to other cities around the world. Some of Kiev’s sister cities include Beijing (China), Chicago (US), Kyoto (Japan), Florence (Italy), Ankara (Turkey), Munich (Germany), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and Vienna (Austria).


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