Xi’an – The Capital Of Shaanxi Province

The Bell Tower in Xi'an, Shaanxi.
The Bell Tower in Xi'an, Shaanxi.

Shaanxi is a Chinese province that is in the Northwest China region. Shaanxi is situated in central parts of China, and it’s surrounded by Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Sichuan, Hubei, Henan, Chongqing, and Shanxi provinces. Shaanxi has a population of over 37 million people, and it occupies an area of approximately 79,151 sq miles. Shaanxi is divided into 10 prefecture-level divisions, with Yulin city being the largest division in the province by area.

What Is The Capital Of Shaanxi?

Xi’an is the capital and most populous city in Shaanxi province. It is one of the oldest Chinese cities and the oldest of the 4-Great Ancient Capitals. Xi’an served as the capital city of various important dynasties in the country’s history including the Tang, Sui, Qin, Western Han, and Western Zhou. Xi’an was the base of Emperor Qin Huang’s Terracotta Army and the starting-point of the Silk Road. The city was named as one of the thirteen emerging megalopolises or megacities in the country in 2012. Xi’an is divided into two counties and eleven districts.

Geography Of Xi’an

Xi’an occupies an area of about 3,854 sq miles on the Guanzhong plain in the south-central parts of Shaanxi. The city is on the flood plain that was formed by the eight surrounding streams and rivers. Xi’an has an annual precipitation of approximately 21.8 inches and average elevations of 1,312 ft. Xi’an borders the Qin Mountains to the south and River Wei’s bank to the north. Huan Shan is situated about 62miles to the east of Xi’an.

Climate Of Xi’an

The Wei River valley experiences cold dry winters, and hot, humid summers. A huge percentage of the city’s annual precipitation is received from July to October. Snow falls occasionally in the city during winter. Dust storms occur in Xi’an in March and April. Xi’an receives some short, but frequent thunderstorms during the summer months. The city gets 36 hours of bright sunshine every year. The highest temperature in the city of 42.9°C was recorded on June 17, 2006.

Demographics Of Xi’an

Xi’an had over 12,005,600 residents in 2018 while the Xi’an-Xianyang metropolitan area had over 12.9 million people. Xi’an is one of the most highly populated cities in Western China and the most populous city in the northwestern parts of the country. The city’s population increased by 656,700 people from 2000 (7.41 million) to 2015 (8.7  million). 48.34% of the residents are female while 51.66% are male. Yanta is the most populous district in Xi’an with over 1.08 million residents. Most of the residents of Xi’an are Han Chinese (99.1%).

Economy Of The Capital Of Shaanxi

Xi’an is the leading economy in Shaanxi province which had a GDP of ¥324.1billion in 2010. The city’s GDP increases by 14.5% every year, and this accounts for roughly 41.8% of the province’s total GDP. Over 48 nations have established 2,560 enterprises in the city including 19 on the Fortune-500 enterprises. Some of these companies include Boeing, Coca-Cola, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and ABB Group. Some of the important industries in Xi’an include service outsourcing, tourism, and equipment manufacturing. Xi’an is one of the first Chinese service-outsourcing cities with approximately 800firms in the sector. Other crucial export s includes automobile parts and lighting equipment while its main imports are electrical and mechanical products.


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