What Is The Capital Of Niger?

Niamey, the capital of Niger.
Niamey, the capital of Niger.

Niamey is the capital city of Niger, a title the city received way back when the country was still a French colony. Niamey is the largest city in Niger, with the city’s population being estimated to be over 1.3 million inhabitants. The city sits on an area covering 92.39 square miles, which translates to a population density of 14,000 persons per square mile, the highest in the country. Niamey is also the commercial capital of Niger and therefore is home to key institutions including the Central Bank, the National Hospital, the Niger National Museum, and the Niamey Grand Markey.

History Of The Capital Of Niger

Niamey was a small trading center before the colonization of Niger in the late 19th century. After setting up the colony, the French colonialists proceeded to establish a colonial post in Niamey in the 1890s, an action that was crucial in the developmental growth of Niamey. In 1901, the population of Niamey was estimated to be only 600 inhabitants. By the early 20th century, Niamey had grown to become one of the largest towns in the colony and officially became the capital city of the French colony in 1926. In 1960, Niamey’s population had reached 30,000, a 900% increase from the 3,000 inhabitants residing in the city in 1930. In 2011, Niamey’s population was estimated to be 1.5 million persons.

Transport Infrastructure In Niger's Capital City

Niamey has an extensive network of roads which connect the city to the rest of the country. The major highway serving Niamey is known as the Route Nationale 1 highway which runs 750 miles from Niamey to N’guimi. The Diori Hamani International Airport is the main airport in Niger and is the only airport in Niamey with the capacity of handling international flights. The airport is located in the southeastern region of the city and is served by the Route Nationale 1 highway. The Diori Hamani International Airport is made up of two runways, one being bitumen-surfaced while the other being laterite-surfaced. Several global airline companies conduct flights to and from the airport, and these include Ethiopian Airlines, Air France, Turkish Airline, Air Algeria, ASKY Airlines, and the national carrier, Niger Airlines. The Niamey Hippodrome is the only railway station in Niamey and is situated near the Niamey Racecourse. The government inaugurated the railway station which is the first of its kind in Niger on April 7th, 2014 in an event which was graced by several heads of state from the region.

Education System In The Capital City Of Niger

As the capital city of the country, Niamey is home to influential institutions in the education sector including the National School of Administration, the Higher Institute of Mining, Industry, and Geology, and the offices of the Ministry of Education. There are numerous primary schools in the city, including several international schools such as the American International School of Niamey and the French International School (Lycee La Fontaine). The main institution offering higher education is the Abdou Moumouni University. The city also has a college which is involved in the training of personnel in the aviation industry, known as the Ecole Africaine de la Meteorologie et de l’Aviation Civile (African School for Meteorology and Civil Aviation).


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