What Is the Capital of Florida?

The Florida Capitol building in Tallahassee, Florida.

Florida is the third most populous state in the USA. The state is found in the Southeastern part of the country.The capital of this state is Tallahassee which was officially declared as the capital in the year 1824.

Geography of Tallahassee

The capital by estimation is approximately 98.2 sq. miles of which a small percentage is water (2.5 sq. miles). Tallahassee is classified as having a hilly terrain. Tallahassee has two lake basins within its borders one being Lake Jackson and the other being Lake Lafayette.

Tallahassee Amenities

The capital has established itself as an educational hub both in Florida and the USA. This is attributed to the many education facilities and amenities in the state capital. Tallahassee also hosts the state capitol building, the state supreme court and is home to the governor’s mansion. Still in Tallahassee, we have the commerce chamber for Florida.

The Political System of Florida

The state is governed through the state constitution. In general, the political system is composed of three arms of government. There is the executive branch, which is led by the governor, the legislative branch which is mainly composed of the senators and members of the house and eventually the judicial branch which is headed by the chair of the Supreme Court.The state capital of Tallahassee is under the leadership of a mayor. It has a history of being under a black mayor at certain period in time. In terms of political affiliation, Tallahassee has been known to lie with the democrats.

Social Lifestyle in Tallahassee

The majority of the population in the state capital speak English as their first language with the minority having Spanish, French or German as their first language. Tallahassee is a hub for entertainment for the Florida people with numerous theaters, museums, theme parks and art galleries. Among the most renowned entertainment venue in Tallahassee is the Railroad Square which is thronged by students and residents. This is a recurring occurrence that mainly takes place every first of any month. Visitors to the state capital are made to feel at home through the Tallahassee festival that is aimed to make them experience the lifestyle of the Florida state capital.


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