What Is The Capital Of Ecuador?

View of Quito, Ecuador with the Cotopaxi Volcano in the background.
View of Quito, Ecuador with the Cotopaxi Volcano in the background.

The capital city of Ecuador is Quito. It was formerly called the San Francisco de Quito. Quito is the second most populous city in Ecuador after Guayaquil. It has a population of 2.6 million people according to the last census held in Ecuador, in 2014. The city is located in the Guayllabamba River Basin, on the slopes of the Pichincha, on the Northern Highlands of Ecuador. Quito was declared the capital city of Ecuador on March 5, 1541.

Geography of Quito

Quito is the only capital city in the world that has the closest proximity to the equator. The Quito city square is 25 km south of the equator. Quito is located at an elevation of 9,350 feet above the sea level. It is also the only city in the world that is endowed by a number of snow-capped volcanoes, some of them being active. For instance, Wawa Pichincha last erupted on October 5, 1999. The eruption released a few puffs of smoke and ash to the city skies.

Government of the Capital City of Ecuador

Quito is the capital of Pichincha province. Besides, it is also the headquarters of the Metropolitan District of Quito. In 2008, the city was made the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations. It is also the headquarters of Ecuador’s government. It hosts most government buildings and offices. The ministries of Ecuador also have their headquarters in the city. A mayor is elected for a five-year term to govern the city. The mayor leads a team of 15 city council members.

Culture of Quito, Ecuador

Quito is a significant cultural center, not only in Ecuador but in all of South America. Quito, together with Krakow, Poland, were the first cities to be named World Cultural Heritage Sites by the UNESCO in 1978. Quito has notable pre-historic centers in South America. These centers have little or no alterations. The historic center of Quito is situated in the south of the city. It is situated on 790 acres land and is recognized as one of the historical centers of great importance in all of Latin America. The buildings in the historical center are mostly religion-inspired. The places of interest in the city include Otavalo Marketplace, Cotopaxi National Park, Le Mitad Del Mundo, Cotopaxi Volcano, Cayambe Volcano, Museo de la Ciudad (City Museum of Quito), Cathedral of Quito, and the Basilica del Voto Nacional. These sites attract both international and local tourists.

Economy of Quito, Ecuador

Quito City is the largest contributor to the GDP of Ecuador. However, in terms of income per capita, Quito comes second in Ecuador after Cuenca. According to the study done by the Central Bank of Ecuador, Quito has the highest tax collection rate in the country and is the most important economic region in the country. Among the common industries in Quito are the textile, agriculture, and metal. Petroecuador, the largest company in the country, and also one of the largest in industries in Latin America, has its headquarters situated in Quito. Furthermore, there are several regional financial institutions and businesses that have their headquarters located in the city.


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