What Is The Capital Of Dominica?

Roseau is located on the southwestern coast of the country at the mouth of River Roseau facing the Caribbean Sea.

Dominica is one of the great islands in the Caribbean located in the Lesser Antilles areas south of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique. It is synonymous with luscious rainforests and a warm tropical climate making it a popular destination for water and land activities. Roseau is the capital and chief town of Dominica.

Dominica's Capital: Roseau

Roseau is located on the southwestern coast of the country at the mouth of River Roseau facing the Caribbean Sea. It has a mixture of French colonial and modern architecture surrounded by incredible waterfalls, cobbled paths, and magnificent thermal springs. English is the national and official language but French Patois is also common. With a population of 16,582 people as of 2016, Roseau lists among the least populous capitals in the world. It is, however, the most populous city of Dominica.

Economy of Dominica

Roseau is the most important town in the island country and a hub for all business activities. It acts as the link between the northern, eastern, and southern parts of Dominica due to the centralized road network developed in the city. The port is an open roadstead for exports such as lime, essential oils, tropical vegetables, and spices and imports from the neighboring states of Guadeloupe, Martinique, and St. Lucia.

Tourism to Roseau

Roseau is a colorful city where reggae and dancehall music play in all corners as people dawdle around the narrow streets on scooters. The city offers locals and tourists a spectacular view of the Caribbean and the surrounding mountain ranges.

One of the major attraction in the coastal town is the National Museum of Dominica, which is housed in a small orange building that dates back to 1810. The museum collections highlight the cultural, archeological, social history, and geological background of Dominica as presented through photographs, colonial furniture, portraits, and animal specimen.

The city also houses the antique architectural buildings such as the Government House, Roman Catholic Church Cathedral, the St. George Anglican Cathedral, and the Victoria Memorial Museum, all which incorporate the Gothic-Romanesque Revival architectural style. Other attractions include the 40-acre Botanical garden filled with remarkable flora and fauna of Carib wood trees, orchids, bottle palm, Sabinea carinalis, and flashy parrots. There is also the Spectacular Emerald Pool fed by a 50 ft. waterfall and forms part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Morne Trois National Park.


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