What Is the Capital of the Comoros?

There are many historic mosques in the old city of Moroni, Comoros.
There are many historic mosques in the old city of Moroni, Comoros.

Where Is the Comoros?

The Union of the Comoros, also known simply as the Comoros, is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean and a sovereign nation located between northeastern Mozambique in continental Africa and the African island nation of Maldives at the Mozambique Channel’s northern end. As Africa’s third smallest country, the Comoros occupies an area of 1,660 square km and had a population of 795,601 in 2016.

What Is the Capital of the Comoros and Where Is it Located?

Moroni is the capital city of the Comoros. The city is located on the island of Grande Comore. It is also the largest city in the island nation, with a population of 54,000 in 2011. Sunni Muslims make up about 98% of Moroni’s population. The city is based at the foot of an active volcano named Mount Karthala, and thus gets its name Moroni, meaning "in the heart of the fire” by virtue of its location. Moroni also has a busy port since it lies on the island’s western coast, but its coastline is generally rocky and lacks beaches. The city experiences a tropical rainforest climate.

History of the Capital City of the Comoros

Moroni is an old settlement founded in approximately the 10th century by Arabic-speaking settlers. The city was not the original capital of Comoros. Instead, Dzaoudzi, the principal city of Mayotte island, served as the capital of the archipelago. In 1958 Moroni succeeded Dzaoudzi as the country’s capital. Today, despite the modern infrastructure, Moroni retains much of its old world charm and has a traditional Arabic appearance.

Present-Day Role of the Capital of the Comoros

Since Moroni serves as the seat of government of the Comoros, the city has many of the country's important government buildings. The port of the city is also used for exporting vanilla, coffee, and cacao, which are produced and processed on the island. Financial institutions and markets are present in the city. However, tourist facilities are poorly developed in Moroni, although the scenic beauty, Karthala volcano, Arabic architecture, and rich bird-life can serve as great tourist attractions.

The Capital of the Comoros

1Location within the countryGrande Comore island at the foot of Mount Karthala
2Total area30 km2
3Average elevation29 m (95 ft)
4Population (as of 2011)54,000
5Population density1,800/km2
6Religion of the majoritySunni Islam

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