Bangladesh Flag – Colors, Symbols, Meaning

By Joseph Kiprop on May 9 2018 in World Facts

The flag of Bangladesh.

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh officially adopted its national flag on January 17, 1972. Quamrul Hassan designed the first flag used in 1971 during the Bangladesh Liberation War, which influenced the design of the Bangladeshi national flag. The flag had a red disc at the center charged with a yellow map of the country. However, in 1972 the map was removed from the flag.

Description And Symbolism

The flag of Bangladesh has a proportion of 3:5. According to specifications from the Bangladeshi government, the national flag is bottle green in color. A red circle sits in the green field with a radius that is a fifth of the flag’s length. The red disc is not at the center but slightly toward the hoist. The government has specifications for different sizes of the flag for buildings, cars, and tables. Green symbolizes the lush vegetation of Bangladeshi land while red represents the blood from freedom fighters. The red disc in the flag stands for the sun rising over the Asian region of Bengal, and also serves as a socialist symbol showing the sun of independence rising after the dark fights against Pakistan.

Historical Flag

Activists and some student leaders of the Swadhin Bangal Biplobi Parishad, a student movement council, designed the first flag on June 6, 1970, at Dhaka University. The flag was green with a red disc, which had the map of Bangladesh, then known as East Pakistan, in gold at its center. The then Vice President of Dhaka University, A.S.M Abdur Rab, was the first to hoist the flag in Bangladesh at Dhaka University on March 2, 1971. The creation of the flag sought to remove the symbols of West Pakistan, which were the star and crescent. Freedom fighters fought under this original flag in the country’s War of Independence that began on March 26 and ended on December 16, 1971. Another historical flag used between March and December 1971 was the flag of Mukti Bahiti, a guerilla resistance movement. It was red with a white disc at the center showing a rifle-bayonet held by a hand.

The Flag’s Protocol

Important government buildings fly the Bangladeshi national flag on all working days. Top government officials always have the flag flown on their official residences as well as on their motor vehicles. These persons include the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Parliament, and Cabinet Ministers as well as the Chief of Justice. Other premises displaying the Bangladeshi flag include Bangladeshi diplomatic missions and throughout the country in public and private properties. Usage of the national flag is also on national days such as Victory Day and Independence Day. On National Mourning Day of Bangladesh and International Mother Language Day, the flag flies at half-mast.

Other Flags In Bangladesh

The Civil and Naval ensigns both have the Bangladeshi national flag on the canton, with the civil one being red and the Naval being white. The Presidential Standard flag used in the country since 1972 has a dark red field with the Presidential Seal in the middle. The Standards of the Prime Minister and Chief Adviser resemble the Presidential Standard, but both have their seals. Other flags used in Bangladesh include the flags of the Bangladesh Army showing the army’s badge on a green field, the Bangladesh Air Force, Border Guards Bangladesh, and the Bangladesh Police.

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