What Continent Is The Netherlands In?

The Netherlands borders Germany, Belgium, and the North Sea in Western Europe.
The Netherlands borders Germany, Belgium, and the North Sea in Western Europe.

Netherlands is among the countries forming Western Europe. The country covers a total area of 41,543 square kilometers. Netherlands was officially recognized as a sovereign nation in 1581. As of 2012, the population of Netherlands is approximately 16.7 million people. The population density is 494 people per square kilometers. The capital city of Netherlands is Amsterdam. However, The Hague is a notable city that hosts several international organizations and seats the government of Netherlands. Besides the mainland Netherlands, the country has three Islands in the Caribbean namely the Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius islands which are part of the Lesser Antilles. They share a maritime border with France, UK (Anguilla), US (Virgin Islands) and Venezuela.


Netherlands is bordered by other European countries including Germany to the east and Belgium to the south. The North Sea borders the country to the northwest. Netherlands and Belgium shares maritime borders within the North Sea together with the UK and Germany. Netherlands is generally a low lying and flat country. Approximately 25% of the country lies below sea level.

The southwest winds are predominant in the Netherlands. The winds lead to a moderate maritime climate. The summers are usually warm and the winters are slightly cold. The country is often having a high humidity, especially along the coastline. In the coastal region of the country, the temperature differences of the summer and winter are notably minimal compared to the southeast region of the country. The three Caribbean islands experience a tropical climate. The climate in the islands is usually warm all year round.

Netherlands Is in Europe

The Netherlands’ close proximity to the Lesser Antilles and some of its territory to South and North America has been of great controversy as to which continent the country belongs. The island of Bonaire is closer to Venezuela in South America than it is actually to the coastline of Netherlands. In fact, the European Union laws and jurisdictions do not directly apply to the three islands.

Mainland Netherlands is located in Western Europe. The country is, therefore, a European country. Netherlands is among the founding members of European organizations such as the European Union, Eurozone, and NATO. Besides, Netherlands participates in European events such as sports.


Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy. It practices parliamentary representative democracy and a multi-party system. The monarch, who is the head of state, appoints the prime minister. The premier heads the government and has the responsibility of forming and directing the government activities. In most cases, the person appointed the prime minister is usually the leader of the largest party or rather the party that acquired the highest number of parliamentary seat in the parliament. The parliament is bicameral. The lower house, referred to as House of Representatives, is composed of 150 members, who are elected after every four years. The Senate, which is the upper house, is usually composed of 75 members. The country also elects representatives to the European Parliament.


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