What Continent Is Singapore In?

Singapore is found near Malaysia and Indonesia in southeastern Asia.
Singapore is found near Malaysia and Indonesia in southeastern Asia.

Singapore is an island country that is associated with the continent of Asia. The country is composed of one large chunk of an island and 62 other small islands. There is an ongoing reclamation processes in the country seeking to merge some of the small islands to make more room for the country’s expansion. Singapore is a former colony of the British, and as such, it is a member of the Commonwealth. The capital city of Singapore is also called Singapore, and is located on the largest island of Singapore.

Singapore is also ranked among the most successful countries in Southeast Asia. It does not only have the highest GDP in the region but receives the largest number of tourists in the region.

Geography of Singapore

Singapore is located on the southeastern side of mainland Asia. The country is situated just one degree above the equator on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, just across the Strait of Malacca. There has been a lot of land reclamation process going on in Singapore in a bit to increase the country’s surface area. The sole purpose of land reclamation is to create space for the growing population. Through land reclamation, the country has largely increased its area and is still predicted to increase.

Singapore experiences a tropical rainforest climate. Being in the tropics, there are no distinctive climatic seasons. The country receives abundant rainfall and high humidity most times of the year. The temperatures in are usually between 22 to 35°C (72 to 95 °F). The wet monsoon season kicks off in November and continues all the way to January.

Government System

The government of Singapore is that of a representative parliamentary democracy with a unitary system. The country practices multi-party democracy. The parliament of Singapore is unicameral with the most dominant party being the People’s Action Party. It has been the country’s ruling party since 1959.

Relationship With Other Asian Countries

Singapore has good relations on different levels with over 180 countries. Key among the countries with established relations with Singapore are the Asian countries. Singapore is an active participant in organizations that foster co-operation and unity of the Asian countries. The country hosts the headquarters of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). It is also a member and the secretariat of the East Asia Summit. Singapore, together with Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia, founded the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN membership thereafter expanded to include more Asian countries.

Culture of Signapore

Geographically, the countries neighboring Singapore are in either Asia mainland or close to Asia mainland. Singapore and its neighbors are inhabited by people of Asian descent and origin. These countries include Bangkok, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

The native languages spoken in Singapore are also spoken in other Asian countries. For instance, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil are also spoken in other Asian countries such as Malaysia. Furthermore, some of the cultural practices and festivals in Singapore are also common in other neighboring Asian countries.


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