8 Interesting Facts About Singapore

Colorful buildings in Singapore. Editorial credit: Makhh / Shutterstock.com.
Colorful buildings in Singapore. Editorial credit: Makhh / Shutterstock.com.

The small island nation of Singapore is one of the world’s most developed countries. Singapore consists of one main island and 62 other islets just above the equator at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore is one of the world’s best-governed states with low levels of corruption, world-class infrastructure, high living standards, and ample greenery. Here is a list of some of the most interesting factors associated with this nation.

8. Singapore Is The Only Country Where The National Anthem Is Mentioned In Currency

Majulah Singapura is the Singaporean national anthem. It was composed by Zubir Said in 1958 and formally adopted as the national anthem of the country in 1965 when it attained full independence. The entire lyrics of this anthem is printed in microprint on the backside of the $1000 Portrait series banknote of the country.

7. Singapore Is One Of The Three City-States Of The World

A city-state is a sovereign country that is usually made up of a single city and its dependent territories. Three countries in the world are unanimously regarded as city-states. These are Monaco, Vatican City, and Singapore. However, some other definitions include small countries like San Marino, Bahrain, Brunei, Malta, etc., as city-states.

6. Singaporeans Are The Fastest Walkers On The Planet

Pedestrians walk the fastest in Singapore. An average pedestrian in the country covers 18 m or 60 feet in only 10.55 seconds. It makes them the fastest walkers on the planet. However, although it seems that this is a positive quality of the population, psychologists appear worried. According to studies, the walking speeds across the world have increased by an average of 10 years in the past decade. It indicates that people are ever-busy and always on the run. They do not have time to stand and observe life as it unfolds around them.

5. Singapore Has Artificial Solar-powered Trees

Singapore manages to stand out from the rest of the world in many aspects including innovative utilization of green technology. The Gardens by the Bay, a 250-acre landscaping project in Singapore is famous for many reasons including its gigantic artificial trees that are fully solar-powered. These trees are located in the Bay South garden. There are 18 of them and they grow as vertical gardens as their steel framework provide the necessary support for other plants to grow. These trees are used for various purposes like generating solar power, collecting rainwater, and acting as air venting ducts for nearby conservatories.

4. Singapore Has Some Unusual Laws

Singapore has many laws that have been implemented to keep the country clean and the people disciplined. For example, a ban was placed on chewing gums in the country. Only those who bought dental, therapeutic, or nicotine chewing gums from the doctor or registered pharmacist are allowed to chew such gums. Singapore also has laws against spitting, jaywalking, littering, expelling "mucus from the nose”, and more.

3. Singapore Has A Shrine Dedicated To A German Girl

Pulau Ubin, a tiny island off the coast of the main island of Singapore, is home to a mysterious shrine called the German Girl Shrine. It is in the form of a hut that contains an altar with items like lipstick, brushes, nail polish, etc. These act as offerings for the main deity of the shrine, a doll encased in a box, representing the German Girl. It is believed that the German Girl was a real-life girl who lived on the island before WWI. To escape from the British who invaded her home island, she fled from her home but fell to her death from a cliff during the attempt to escape. Her body was later recovered by locals and buried. Later, she came to be worshipped in the temple dedicated to her. Locals believe that her soul lives on and make offerings of lipstick, nail polish, etc., to seek her blessings.

2. The First F1 Night Race Happened In Singapore -

The Singapore Grand Prix motor race, a part of the FIA Formula One World Championship, held the first F1 Night Race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in the country.

1. Singapore Has Many Reasons To Celebrate

Singapore has one of the most dynamic, competitive, innovative, and free economies. It is the easiest place to do business in the world. It is one of the world’s least corrupt countries. WEF recognized Singapore as the world’s most "technology-ready" nation. It is also identified as a tax haven. It has one of the highest GDPs per capita and is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.


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