What Continent Is Russia In?

The streets of Saint Petersburg, Russia.
The streets of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Russia is the largest country on the planet as far as landmass is concerned. It spans through the eastern portion of Europe together with the northern parts of the continent of Asia. In terms of population, it is the ninth biggest country in the world. It is located in Eurasia and covers about 13% of the entire area of the globe. The capital city of the country, Moscow, is a tourist hotspot and many people flock to the city annually. It has a number of urban centers and is a hub of tourism, finance, and trade.


The Russian population is largely made up of Ethnic Russians. Almost 80% of the population of Russia are ethnic Russians. Within its population of 144 million, there are many minorities as well. These include a number of immigrants who have flocked to the country recently. Almost 75% of the Russian population is urbanized, with only 25% living in the agrarian rural areas. The first demographic growth in the Russian Federation since the fall of the Soviet Union was shown in 2012.

Flora And Fauna

Russia is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. A number of tourists travel to the country every year only to marvel at the biodiversity of the nation. It has been estimated by the UN that Russia is home to more than 250 mammal species, many of which are indigenous. Bird species in the country are even more, with almost eight hundred bird species calling the country their home. Many species found in the country are under protection as they are threatened by extinction. Recent estimates put around 415 species on the protected list.

As far as the flora is concerned, Russia is home to many majestic forests. Apart from Brazil, Russia is the only country In the globe to have such dense forests. Just as the Brazilian rainforest is called the lungs of the earth, they are called the lungs of Europe. There are large coniferous forests in Russia, interspaced with broad-leaf species and a number of herbs.


Russia has a very diverse culture. There are around 150 ethnic groups in the country. Tourists have long traveled to Russia for the authentic cultural experience that the country can provide. All of these ethnic groups have their own traditions and lifestyles. Some of the most intricate handicrafts in the world are made by these people. Local crafts like the Dymkovo toy are renowned the world over.


Russia has seen an exponential rise in tourism since the fall of the Soviet Union. Tourists generally visit Russia to stay at Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Both of these cities include some of the greatest monuments and landmarks of the nation. Tourists also visit the forests and Siberian Tundra for more adventurous tours. Important tourist destinations in the country that contain wildlife have now been protected by the government and game reserves have been created to make sure that the wildlife is protected and the tourists have the best experience that they can.


Russia is mainly a subarctic country. Intense cold weather with a record low of -71 has been recorded in the northern parts. The coastal climate is much more bearable, with dry winters and humid summers. Winter precipitation is always in the form of snow.


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