What Continent is Latvia In?

Latvia is one of the three Baltic countries of Europe.
Latvia is one of the three Baltic countries of Europe.

Latvia is located in Europe. It is one of the three Baltic countries. The other two Baltic States are Lithuania and Estonia. The Baltic countries are the countries lying on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. The country became a sovereign state after acquiring its independence from Russia in 1918. As of 2012, Lithuania has a population of 2,191,580 with a population density of 35 people per square kilometer. Riga is the capital city and the most populous region of Latvia.

Where Is Latvia Located?

Latvia is situated in Northern Europe, on the eastern shores of Baltic Sea and on the northwestern portion of the East European Craton. It is located in the northeastern most region of the continent of Europe. In 2014, the capital of Latvia, Riga, was given the honor becoming the European Capital of Culture. The United Nations recognizes Latvia as a country in the Northern Europe. Interestingly, most Latvians tend to recognize their country to be part of Eastern Europe. The United Nations insists that the three Baltic States are situated in the region with the Scandinavian countries, UK, and Ireland. Latvia is a member of European international organizations such as the Council of Europe, NATO, the Council of Baltic Sea States, the European Union, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Geography of Latvia

Latvia is a Northern European country which is bordered by Belarus to the southeast, Lithuania to the south, Estonia to the north, and Russia to the east. The country covers a total area of 64,589 square kilometers. About 2,402 square kilometers is covered by water and 34,964 square kilometers is forest. The country has an extensive coastline which borders the Baltic Sea.

Climate of Latvia

Latvia experiences a temperate climate, otherwise referred to as humid continental climate or oceanic/maritime climate. The coastal regions, especially those with a close proximity to the western coast of the Courland Peninsula, experience a maritime climate which is characterized by cooler summers and not extremely cold winters. The eastern coast experiences warmer summers and extremely cold winters. The year is usually equally divided into the four seasons. The winter kicks off in mid-December and goes all the way to mid-March. The average temperatures of the winter season in the country are usually -6 degrees Celsius. The summers usually start in June and last until August. The summers are always warm and sunny. The evenings and nights are cooler. The spring and autumn usually experience fair and mild, yet unpredictable weather conditions.

Government of Latvia

Latvia has been a representative parliamentary democratic state as from August 24, 1991. The President is the head of state. The Saeima, which is the equivalent of the parliament, elects the president who is supposed to serve for a period of a four years. After his election, the president appoints a prime minister who must be approved by the Saeima. The Prime Minister, in turn, forms the government and becomes the head of government. The prime minister, after his appointment, becomes the commander-in-chief of the armed of forces.


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