What Continent is Haiti In?

Haiti shares Hispaniola Island with the Dominican Republic.
Haiti shares Hispaniola Island with the Dominican Republic.

Haiti is situated in the Caribbean Islands in the continent of North America, and it occupies approximately 10,640.98 square miles of land and 73.36 square miles of water. Haiti is a self-governing country situated on the Hispaniola Island of the Greater Antilles archipelago. Haiti shares the island with the Dominican Republic, and it covers about 37.5% of the island.


With an estimated population of 10.8 million people, Haiti is the second-most populous country in the Caribbean after Cuba. It is the third largest country in the Caribbean after Cuba and the Dominican Republic, with which is shares Hispaniola island. The country also has several smaller islands, including Tortuga, Gonave, Cow. The name Haiti, given to the whole island of Hispaniola, means "land of high mountains" in the indigenous Taino language as Haiti is the most mountainous of the Caribbean nations. Pic la Selle, the highest point in Haiti, sits at 2,680 meters. Haiti's nickname La Perle des Antilles (Pearl of the Antilles) references both the country's natural beauty as well as it's history as a wealthy French colony.

The Continent of North America

The Caribbean Islands are part of the North American continent which occupies the entire region on the Northern Hemisphere and part of the western hemisphere. North America is considered by many people to be the northern sub-continent of the Americas. The Atlantic Ocean borders the continent on the eastern side, the Arctic Ocean on the north side, the Caribbean Sea to the southeastern side and the Pacific on the western and southern side. North America occupies an area of about 9,540,000 square miles which is approximately 16.5% of the ground on earth and 4.8% of the surface of the earth. North America is the 3rd largest continent on earth followed by Asia and then Africa.

Haiti and North America

North America has twenty-three independent Nations including the Caribbean Islands countries located in the Southeast part of the continent. As at 2016 the continent had a population of over 579 million people which represents about 7.79% of the world population. The Caribbean islands had a population of over 42,517,000 which represents approximately 0.71% of the population on Earth. The most densely inhabited Nations in the North America continent include the United States with a population of over 321.2 million people, followed by Mexico with a population of 121 million and then Canada with a population of 35.8 million. Haiti is the 6th most populated country in North America with a population of over 10.9 million people.

The dominant languages of the people living in North America are French, English, and Spanish. The people living in the southern parts of the continent mostly on the Caribbean islands have their own unique English or French dialects. The French language plays a vital role in the continent, and some previous French colonies have retained it like in the French West Indies, Louisiana, Pierre et Miquelon and even Canada kept French as one of their official languages. Haitians can converse comfortably in both French and Creole.


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