US States With The Highest Religious Service Attendance

The Salt Lake Mormon Temple in Utah has a floor space of 253,015 square feet, and is one of the most famous churches on earth.
The Salt Lake Mormon Temple in Utah has a floor space of 253,015 square feet, and is one of the most famous churches on earth.

The US is marked by a diversity of religious practices and beliefs. Pluralism and diversity characterize religion in the US. Various religious groups have flourished in the US since the pre-colonial periods because religion has been considered to play a significant role in the historical peace and development in the country. Some of the prominent religious groups arrived in the US during the colonial period from Europe include the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Protestants, and Jewish. 70.6% of US citizens consider themselves Christian and majority being Protestants. Gallup poll conducted in 2013 indicated that majority were highly religious and attended the church every week. The poll rank states on the level of religiosity. Utah was ranked highest while Vermont ranked lowest.

US States With High Religious Service Attendance


Utah is considered the State with high weekly church attendance with 51% of its residents likely to attend a religious meeting every week according to Gallup Poll conducted in 2013. The majority of Utah residents are a member of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saint with Mormons making about 37% of its population. Apart from LDS, Catholic Church, evangelicals, and Protestants play a critical role in religious influence in Utah. Utah ranks second as a ‘very religious’ state after Mississippi State


Mississippi State is considered the State with very religious people in the US. Protestant churches in Mississippi grew in early 1815 due to the immigration of the Anglo-America settlers who worked on the cotton plantation. The migration of settlers led to the growth of Protestant churches like Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches. Mississippi is predominantly Christian with few Muslims and Hindus. According to the Gallup poll conducted in 2013, Mississippi State was ranked as the most religious state in the US, but it ranked second regarding weekly church attendance with 47% of its residents attending church every week. Religion is considered crucial in Mississippi.


86% of residents of Alabama are reported to be Christian with 6% being Catholics. 46% of Alabama residents are committed members of a church and attend a weekly religious gathering. Most of the people are Evangelical Protestants with three major denominational groups. These groups are Southern Baptist Convention, United Methodist Church, and Non-denominational Evangelical Protestants. There are also other religious groups in Alabama which include the Buddhists, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism.


According to Gallup poll, Louisiana and Alabama were both ranked third as the states with the most number of people attending churches weekly. The majority of Louisiana residents are affiliated with Catholic Church while United Methodist Church and Southern Baptist Convention are also popular with the residents. Other religious groups such as Buddhist and Muslims are also present in Louisiana.

Religion an Important Part of Most Americans' Lives

The US is one of the most religious countries in the word today. The majority of US citizens attend a religious meeting every week, whether that may be in a church, mosque, or temple. The survey conducted by Gallup in the US was particularly important because knowing the number of people who attend church every week enables one to determine the level of religiosity. The levels of religiosity, in turn, influence people’s views on life, society, culture, and politics.

US States With The Highest Religious Service Attendance

RankState% Of Attendance
5South Carolina42
7North Carolina40
9New Mexico36

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