US States By Amish Population

Three young Amish men in a buggy travelling down a country road.
Three young Amish men in a buggy travelling down a country road.

The Amish are Christian believers who practice strict traditional customs. These individuals are followers of Jakob Amman who found the sect in the late 17th century. The total population of Amish people in the world is 308,000, with the majority residing in the United States. Amish communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana make up more than half of the global Amish population with the three states having a combined population of about 189,000 adherents.

Amish in Ohio State

The state of Ohio has the largest Amish population in the United States with over 69,000 people identifying as Amish in 2015 which translates to 0.60% of the total population in the state. The Amish population is spread in all counties in the state with Ohio having over 400 Amish churches. Holmes County has the largest Amish settlement of any county with over 30,000 Amish people. The Amish community in Holmes County is made up of 11 different affiliations which include the Old Order as well as the New Order Amish. Berlin is a small tourist town located in the heart of Holmes County which is popular for its Amish residents. North of Holmes County is another Amish-dominated county, Geauga County which has the second-largest Amish population in Ohio with about 12,000 people, according to 2010 figures. The Amish community in Geauga is centered in Middlefield. The Geauga Amish community originated from Holmes County with their first settlement in Geauga County being in 1886.

Amish in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is synonymous with Amish settlements with the state having the highest number of Amish settlements in the United States with a total of 53 settlements. The 68,820 Amish people (second-highest in the United States) in Pennsylvania account for 0.54% of the state’s total population. Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County hosts the oldest and most popular Amish settlement in the country. The Lancaster Amish community was founded in 1760 and has grown to have 179 church districts in the county. Lancaster County also boasts of having the most progressive Amish community in the world who have readily embraced technological advancements. Kishacoquillas Valley (also known as Big Valley) a 30-mile long valley, is home to the third-oldest Amish community (founded in 1791). New Wilmington, a small town located north of Pittsburg is home to 3,000 Amish, the fourth largest community in the state.

Amish in Indiana

Indiana has the third largest Amish settlement in the United States with over 50,000 Amish people in 2015 accounting for 0.77% of the state’s total population. Founded in 1841, the Lagrange-Elkhart Amish settlement is the oldest in Indiana and is also the best-known Amish community in the state. This community numbers over 20,000 Amish and is located in two counties; Elkhart and Lagrange. The key towns within the Lagrange-Elkhart Amish settlement include Millersburg, Middlebury, and Shipshewana. Another Amish community in Indiana is the Nappanee community which is quite similar to the Lagrange-Elkhart community with the two communities being found around the same time. Indiana’s Adams County hosts a significant Swiss Amish settlement with 50 church districts and is home to a popular Amish-themed tourist destination known as Amishville.

US States By Amish Population

RankStateAmish Population in 2015Amish Population % of general Po- pulation in 2015
5New York17,2800.09%
21West Virginia2250.01%
25North Carolina135< 0.01%
26Florida*75< 0.01%
27Texas75< 0.01%
28South Dakota950.01%
29Idaho75< 0.01%
30Wyoming75< 0.01%
31Vermont15< 0.01%

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