U.S. Cities By HIV Diagnoses

The 90-90-90 Goals work to ensure that 90% of infected victims are informed of their status.
The 90-90-90 Goals work to ensure that 90% of infected victims are informed of their status.

What Is HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a life-threatening and chronic disease. The disease is sexually transmitted and caused by a virus. The disease has spread widely across the globe, and since the disease has no cure yet, it is considered dangerous and life-threatening. However, advances in medal treatment have allowed HIV-infected persons to live prolonged lifespans. The rate of spread varies from in one region to another, and from one city to the other. The main reasons for the variance are because of the difference in habits, environment, and cultural practices. According to a 2014 study by the Big Cities Health coalition, the following 13 cities have the highest diagnosis rate of HIV per 100,000 people.

Comparison of HIV Rates by State

Six cities had an HIV diagnosis rate higher than 20. Miami, Florida had the highest rate at 53.9. The rate dropped significantly between the first and second city, with San Francisco in California holding a rate of 37.9. The third city was Detroit, Michigan that had a rate of 35.6 followed by Boston, Massachusetts which featured a rate of 29. Denver, Colorado was ranked as the fifth city with a rate of 26.2. Minneapolis, Minnesota was the sixth city on the list with a rate of 20.6. The remaining cities (Las Vegas, Phoenix, Long Beach, Portland, Kansas City, and San Jose) all experienced rates between 10 and 20. Fort Worth, Texas ended the list with the only rate under 10, coming in at a rate of 9.1.

90-90-90 Goals

From the survey, it was noted that disparities did exist on the people contracting the disease and ways to combat it. This is done through strategy and setting revolution. It was also noted that many member cities had achieved the 90-90-90 goals set by the Joint United Nations Programs. This sees to it that the cities ensure that 90% of the victims of the disease know their status earlier enough. Secondly, 90% of those already positive can access Anti-retroviral treatment immediately so as to reduce the mortality rate caused by the disease and lastly, 90% of those undergoing the treatment are able to attain viral suppression.

U.S. Cities By HIV Diagnoses

Rank´╗┐CityStateHIV Diagnoses per 100,000 People
2San FranciscoCalifornia37.9
7Las VegasNevada19.2
9Long BeachCalifornia18.0
11Kansas CityMissouri13.9
12San JoseCalifornia10.7
13Fort WorthTexas9.1

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