Top Performing Countries In The Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is a global men's tennis tournament.
The Davis Cup is a global men's tennis tournament.

The Davis Cup is a global tennis event played by men’s teams from around the world. The teams represent their countries, and they compete against each other in the knock out games. It is the World Cup equivalent in tennis. The overall winners are crowned the “World Champions” title. The Davis Cup began at the start of the 20th century as a competition between the United States and Great Britain. As of 2016, the competition attracted 135 teams from different countries around the world. The United States has been the most successful nation in the Davis Cup’s history. The other top-performing countries include Sweden, Australia, Spain, France, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Top Performing Countries in the Davis Cup

United States

The United States men’s tennis team is ranked as the top performing team in the Davis Cup tournament since the competition began. The team has won 32 World Champions titles, the highest number ever won. United States competed in the inaugural tournament between the US and Great Britain in 1900, and they won the match. The US team only missed in the World group competition in 1988, and it has competed in all other years since the competition began.


Australia is ranked second on the list of top performers in the Davis Cup tournament. The nation has won 28 World titles. The Australian team began competing at the Davis Cup in 1905. At the time, it was a joint team of Australian and New Zealand players. The joint team was referred to as Australasia Davis Cup team. Australia and the US are deep rivals in the Global tennis event. They have played against each other 47 times, and the US team has won 26 of the matches.


Sweden is one of the top performers in the Davis Cup tennis event. The team took part in the tournament for the first time in 1925. It has won the World Champions title 7 times. Sweden is ranked highly on the list of top performers at the Davis Cup because it leads the teams in the modern history of the tournament. The nation has won 6 titles since the creation of the tiered system in 1981.


France is listed third most successful country in the Davis Cup. It has won 10 titles since it started competing in 1904. France is the current world champion in the Davis Cup having won the title in 2017.


Spain is the fourth leading team in the history of Davis Cup competition. It has won five world championship titles since it began taking part in the event. The national team began competing in the tennis tournament in 1920 but it was until 1965 when they reached the Cup's finals. The Real Federación Española de Tenis run Spain's team.


Germany is among the best performing teams in the Davis Cup competition. It has won the World Championship 3 times. The German team began competing in the Davis Cup in 1913. It did not reach the finals until 1970. The Deutscher Tennis Bund manages the team. Since 1993 when the team won the World Champions title, it has not reached Davis Cup finals ever since.

European Nations Lead in the Davis Cup

Although the Davis Cup is a global event, the majority of the top performing nations in the Davis Cup competition are from Europe. Seven out of the ten leading teams are European. The national teams are governed by well-structured tennis organizations that ensure the set standard of tennis games is maintained.

Top Performing Countries In The Davis Cup

1 United States9
2 Sweden7
3 Australia6
4 Spain5
5 France4
6 Germany3
7 Czechoslovakia Czech Republic3
8 Russia2
9 South Africa1
10 Italy1
11 Croatia1
12 Serbia1
13 Switzerland1
14 Great Britain1
15 Argentina1

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