Top 15 Exporters Of Eggs In Shell

Eggs are an important source of protein in our diet.
Eggs are an important source of protein in our diet.

Eggs, an important source of protein in the diet, are used in their natural state and to produce food additives that are in turn used to prepare other food items. Given their key role in food production, the fact that they are a major export item comes as no surprise. To be exported, eggs require special packaging that prevents them from breaking and keeps them free of damaging bacteria. Lots of countries participate in the egg export market. The following list takes a look at the top exporters in the world.

Top Shell Egg Exporters


At the top of the whole egg export list is Netherlands. This country exports $786,193,000 worth of eggs annually. In fact, about 66% of the eggs produced in the country are exported. Manufacturers are experts in production, grading, and packing. The majority of its egg exports go to Germany.

United States

Number 2 on this list is the US. Egg exports from the US equal around $515,351,000. The top 3 egg producing states within the country are Iowa, Ohio, and Indiana. The largest importers of US eggs are Mexico, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, and Canada. These countries have been increasing their egg imports over the last few years.


After the US, Poland makes the list in the 3rd place. This country exports $278,352,000 in eggs every year. Poland has increased poultry production over the last five years, and that increased focus has overflown to egg production as well. Its major importers are European Union members and demands for eggs have been on the rise here.


Turkey is number 4 with $273,457,000 in shell egg exports. This country has intentionally worked to improve its egg industry and has made great in production infrastructure since the 1970’s. It has a unique geographic advantage which makes it a fast exporter to its major market partners. Iraq and Syria are its main importers while EU members follow closely behind.


In 5th place, Germany exports $262,129,000 worth of eggs yearly. As seen in the case of other European countries, its top importers are all EU members. Nearly 50% of German egg exports go to the Netherlands.

Other Exporters

Other top shell egg exporters are mainly in Europe although there are 2 more Asian countries on the list.

Numbers 6 through 11 include: Spain ($201,233,000), France ($177,411,000), China ($174,262,000), Belgium ($172,516,000), United Kingdom ($134,354,000), and Malaysia ($125,650,000). Other contenders for top egg exporters come in under the $100 million mark and are: Brazil ($73,284,000), Portugal ($54,489,000), Hungary ($52,527,000), and India ($49,859,0000).

The Egg Market

The egg production market is complex and involves many different factors. Egg exporters belong to different types of enterprises and range from commercial farmers to integrated egg production. They must pay keen attention to egg quality which includes the interior and exterior. Labeling must include the size, weight, grade, and may include the expiration date. All of these details are required to satisfy the customer and maintain competitiveness on the global market. The demand for shell eggs is expected to increase as the economies of countries continue to grow and require more imports. Because eggs are somewhat difficult to transport, typically exporters are located close to their import partners. This future increase in demand may cause shifts in the top exporters as different countries join the global egg market and begin importing shell eggs to fulfill the need of their consumers.

Top 15 Exporters Of Eggs In Shell

RankCountry2015 Exports of Eggs In Shell (USD)
2United States$515,351,000
10United Kingdom$134,354,000

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