The World's Top Exporters of Iron Sheet Piling

Iron sheet piling are usually long structural sections that can interlock to form a long and contiguous wall.

Iron sheet piling is the 445th complex products according to the PCI (product complexity index and the 693rd most traded product in the world. Iron sheet piling is also referred to as high carbon, heat resistant, stainless steel, anglers, profile, piling, sections, cold-formed and alloy. The top exporters are Luxembourg who exported pilings worth $429 million in 2016, followed by China, Bahrain, the Czech Republic, and Japan. Some of the top iron sheet piling exporters include:

The World's Top Exporters of Iron Sheet Piling


Lexembourg is the top iron sheet piling exporter in the world having exported approximately 25% of the total traded iron sheet piling in 2016. Amounting to $429 million accounting for 3.4% of the country's total exports. In 2015, Luxembourg exported 25% to the Netherlands, 13% to the United States, 8.6% to Germany, 6.2% to Denmark, and 4.9% to France.


Controlling about 12% of the iron sheet piling 2016, China is the 2nd top exporter right after Luxembourg. China exported iron sheet piling worth $212 million in 2016 which is an 11.3% decrease compared to their export in 2015 whose value stood at $239 million. China exported 22% of the pilings to the Philippines earning the country $47.3 million, 12% to Hong Kong, 7.4% to Indonesia, 6.4% to Thailand, and 5.8% to the United States.


Bahrain is the third-largest exporter of iron sheet piling in the world and the second-largest in Asia, having exported $117 million accounting for 6.7% of iron sheet piling exports in 2016. Bahrain exports 53% to Saudi Arabia, 19% to Egypt, 15% to the United Arab Emirates, and 5.4% to the Netherlands.

Uses of Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piles have a wide range of uses. They are long structural sections having a vertical interlocking system that forms a long and contiguous wall. The walls they create often serve to retain water or soil. The geometry of the sheet piling determines its ability to perform its functions, the soil it is driven into is also a determining factor. The steel sheet piles are made to transfer pressure from the higher side of the wall to the soil in front of the wall and they could either be temporary or permanent. The temporary sheet pilings are made to give a safe access for construction, and they removed after the building. The permanent sheet pilings would remain in the ground forming permanent retaining structures.

The World's Top Exporters of Iron Sheet Piling

RankCountryExport Value (in millions USD)Percentage of World Exports
4Czech Republic$110M6.3%
7United States$90.2M5.2%
9South Korea$75.2M4.3%

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