The World's Top Exporters of Rubber Pipes

Rubber hoses are used in the mining, construction, agricultural, scientific, and industrial areas.

Germany is the top exporter of rubber pipes in the world. Besides Germany, the other major exporters of rubber pipes include the United States, China, Italy, and Japan. Although these countries export such high volumes of rubber pipes, only China produces rubber in large quantities. Consequently, the rubber used to manufacture these pipes is imported from large rubber producers. The first five major rubber producers in the world are Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and China. However, these countries also engage in the production of plastic pipes.

Top Rubber Pipe Exporters


Germany ranks first among countries that export the most substantial quantities of rubber pipes in the world. It exports rubber pipes worth US$ 1.3 billion annually. The rubber pipes exports in Germany make up 12.59% of all its exports. The rubber companies in Germany include Em-Technik GMBH, OGE Group, Novelis Deutschland, Vacuflex Advanced Hoses, Lapp Group, and S & W RohrSysteme GMBH among others.

United States

The United States is the 2nd largest exporter of rubber pipes in the world. It exports pipes valued at US$954 million every year. Consequently, the rubber pipes exports are 11.13% of the US exports. Some of the companies that produce rubber in the US include Atlantic Rubber Company, Abbott Rubber Company, GSH Industries, Aero Rubber Company, Alliance Hose & Extrusions, and Baxter Rubber Company among many others.


China is the 3rd largest exporter of rubber pipes in the world. Its exports have a value of US$765 million annually. The export value of the rubber pipes is 9.73% of China’s total exports. Some of China’s famous rubber companies are China Rubber Industry Association, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company, ChemChina Rubber Guilin Company, Best Rubber Product Limited, and China National Tire and Rubber Company Limited.


Italy ranks 4th in the list of top rubber pipes exporters in the world, exporting rubber pipes worth US$525 million annually. Compared to the total exports in Italy, the rubber pipe exports are 6.93%. In Italy, the rubber companies include Rubber Italy, Amaplast, Machines Italia, and Hannecard & Mitex Italia.


Japan exports US$493 million worth of rubber pipes annually, making it the 5th largest exporter of rubber pipes. Rubber pipes make up 6.24% of Japan's total exports. Rubber companies in Japan include Toyo Tire & Rubber Company, Yokohama Rubber Company, Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited, and Showa Rubber Chemical Company.

Uses of Rubber Pipes

Rubber pipes are typically used together with clamps, nozzles, and flanges. They control the flow of fluids. The rubber hoses have many applications in the mining, agricultural, scientific, construction, and industrial areas. The garden hose is useful for watering plants and irrigation while the vacuum hoses are used for vacuum brake systems. Fire hoses are used by firefighters to convey water to the site of a fire. Gas stations also use fuel hoses to transmit fuel to the vehicles’ fuel tanks. Rubber tubing is used for scientific purposes such as for experiments in the laboratory.

The World's Top Exporters of Rubber Pipes

RankCountryExport Value (US Dollars)
1Germany1.3 Billion
2United States954 Million
3China765 Million
4Italy525 Million
5Japan493 Million

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