Top 10 Things To See And Do In Samoa

The Sua Ocean trench, a famous swimming hole in Samoa.
The Sua Ocean trench, a famous swimming hole in Samoa.

Samoa is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean and makes up part of the Polynesian region. It consists of 2 large and 4 small islands. Because of its tropical weather and beautiful landscapes, it makes an excellent destination for vacation. In 2007, approximately 122,000 tourists visited this island. Below is a look at the top 10 things to see and do in Samoa.

10. Canopy Walk In The Falealupo Rainforest Preserve

The Falealupo Rainforest Preserve is located on the northwestern side of the Savai’i Island. This low-lying rainforest is a great attraction for tourists who are interested in learning a little more about wildlife and the environment. The most popular thing to check out within the preserve is the Canopy Walkway. This swinging bridge is hung at around 131 feet in the air among the tree canopy and stretches for about 98 feet. Once on the other side of the bridge, visitors can climb up to a wooden platform attached to a banyan tree believed to be 230 years old.

9. Visit The Lanoto'o National Park

Lanoto’o National Park holds the first protected Ramsar Site in Samoa - Lake Lanoto’o. This park is located in the central, highland region of Upolu Island and its 2 major features are the crater lake and the surrounding rainforest. Lake Lanoto’o National Park is a great place to check out while in Samoa and gives visitors the opportunity to catch glimpses of both colorful, tropical birds, and wild goldfish. A trail heads to the lake from the parking lot.

8. Observe The Spectacular Waterfalls In Samoa

A waterfall in western Samoa.

While in Samoa, tourists should definitely take time to check out some of the many waterfalls this country has to offer. The best time to explore the waterfalls is between November and April, when the falls have the most water and the pools at the bottom are full and deep. The Afu Aau Waterfall is one of the most popular. Located in the southeastern area of Savaii Island, it cascades over a moss and fern-covered rocky overhang and into a deep, turquoise pool below. Tourists often enjoy swimming here.

7. Play Kilikiti With The Locals

To really get to know the people and culture of Samoa, the best way is to interact with them. A competitive game of kilikiti is the perfect way to do this. Sports often serve as a universal language, although kilikiti may be confusing. Some people claim that the rules are never the same, which can make playing a fun experience. This game, the national sport of the country, is often compared to cricket. It is played with a hard rubber ball, which is pitched to the batter. The bat may be as long as 3.2 feet, depending on player preference, and has an angled shape.

6. The Amazing Blowholes Of Samoa

Near the town of Taga in the southwestern area of Samaii are the Alofaaga Blowholes, where ocean water rushes straight up out of holes in the ground. These blowholes were created by moving lava that dug into the sea cliffs, leaving behind underwater caves that eventually extended further into the land. Erosion created tunnels connecting the sea cave below to the ground above. Today, when the tide pours in, it runs through the tunnel and is shoved up through the hole at heights of at least 65.6 feet. Tourists visiting the Alofaaga Blowholes often pay a small tip to locals, who throw a coconut over the blowhole just before the water escapes. The coconut flies up higher than the water, reaching around 100 feet in the air.

5. Sliding Into The Waterfall Pool At The Papase'ea Sliding Rocks

The Papase’ea Sliding Rocks provide a great little escape from the hot, tropical weather of Samoa. This site is located on the Upolu Island in the Faleata District. Visitors can slide down over the rocks, made smooth by thousands of years of running water, and into the natural swimming pool below. The walk down to the slides passes through lush, tropical foliage and by several waterfalls. The tallest of the several sliding rocks measures around 16 feet. The Papase’ea Sliding Rocks are a great place to have a picnic and spend the afternoon. Additionally, toilets and changing rooms are available.

4. Experience Pure Bliss In The Beautiful Beaches Of Samoa

A breathtaking beach in Samoa.

What’s a trip to a tropical island without spending some time on its beautiful beaches? The islands here are full of beaches to choose from, depending on which activity visitors are most interested in. To go snorkeling, for example, Salamumu Beach on the south side of Upolu Island is an excellent location. The rocky formations along the coast makes swimming a little difficult, but provide the perfect hiding spot for colorful sea creatures, making this an excellent beach for snorkeling. For swimming, Lalomanu Beach on Upolu Island is a good choice. The beach here is pristine, filled with white sand, and leads gradually into the warm turquoise waters.

3. Visit The Museums In Samoa -

Visiting the museums of Samoa gives tourists a great opportunity to learn more about the history and the culture here. Perhaps the biggest in the country is the Museum of Samoa, which offers a look at textiles, art, artefacts, and pottery that spans thousands of years of history on these islands. The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is a unique attraction as well, particularly for fans of his book Treasure Island. This museum is located in his colonial style home and gives visitors a look into the private life of this author.

2. Experience A Culture Tour Of Samoa

For those interested in understanding a little more about the people of the islands of Samoa, a culture tour should be included on the itinerary. The Samoa Cultural Village is one way to learn more about the Fa’a Samoa (the Samoan Way), which are the traditions and customs that make up the current culture. Here, visitors can interact with locals, who teach about traditional dances, weaving practices, cloth making, and music. Additionally, visitors enjoy a typical kava ceremony and lunch prepared in a stone oven.

1. Visit The Caves And Volcanic Fields In Samoa

The Saleaula lava field.

The volcanic activity of these islands has created a number of caves and volcanic fields throughout this country. These landscapes make for a unique addition to any Samoa vacation. The Saleaula Lava Field is one of the best places to experience this natural phenomenon. The lava flows here originated in Mount Matavanu, which erupted in 1905. This natural disaster destroyed 5 towns, the ruins of which can be seen at the site.

One of the most popular caves in Samoa is the Peapea Cave, which is actually a lava tunnel. The tunnel heads in the direction of the coast and is filled with white rumped swiftlets, which are nocturnal birds. These birds make an interesting clicking noise that visitors enjoy listening to.


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