Top 10 Facts About Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa.
Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town is a beautiful coastal city in South Africa. The city is famous for its astounding landscape and vibrant lifestyle. Here is a list of some interesting facts related to Cape Town:

10. The “World’s Most Beautiful Marathon” Is Held In Cape Town

The Two Oceans Marathon refers to an annual sports event that is held in Cape Town on the Easter weekend’s Saturday. The race is often termed as the world’s most beautiful marathon since it takes place against a spectacular backdrop of mountains and the ocean in the Cape Peninsula.

9. Cape Town Is The Legislative Capital Of South Africa

South Africa has three capitals. Cape Town is the country’s legislative capital and the Parliament of South Africa is located here. Pretoria and Bloemfontein are the administrative and judicial capitals of the country, respectively. The President and the Cabinet of South Africa operate in Pretoria while the National Court of Appeal is in Bloemfontein.

8. Cape Town Was Named The Best Place To Visit In The World in 2014

Due to its stunning natural beauty, numerous attractions, and rich cultural life, both The Daily Telegraph and The New York Times named it the world’s best place to visit in 2014.

7. Cape Town Is South Africa’s Oldest City

Cape Town was developed by the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century. It was developed with the aim of acting as a supply station to cater to the needs of Dutch ships sailing to the Far East and India. Cape Town grew quickly and soon outgrew its original purpose and became a major cultural and economic hub of the Dutch colony in South Africa. It was the country’s biggest city prior to the shift of attention to Johannesburg during the Witwatersrand Gold Rush.

6. A Part Of Cape Town Is A Natural Amphitheater

A part of Cape Town called the City Bowl has taken the shape of a natural amphitheater. It is bordered by mountains on all three sides while the Table Bay washes the shores at the fourth side. The city’s central business district, harbor, and several residential suburbs are located in the City Bowl.

5. A City With A Highly Varied Landscape

The landscape of the Cape Town region (the city and its suburbs) changes drastically and includes jagged mountains, coastal plains, inland valleys, and even semi-desert fringes.

4. Nelson Mandela Was Imprisoned At Robben Island Located Near Cape Town

Robben Island is an island on the Table Bay off the western coast of the Cape Town suburb of Bloubergstrand. The island is famous as the place where Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa, and a Nobel laureate was imprisoned. In the prison here, Mandela spent 18 years of his life for raising voice against the practice of apartheid in the country. Today, the Robben Island is a major tourist destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. Cape Town Is A Botanists’ Paradise

The city of Cape Town is located in a biodiversity hotspot. The Table Mountain hosts over 2,200 species of plants. 19 different types of vegetation grow in the area including many that are endemic to the city itself. Hundreds of endemic species grow in the city. Many of the species are highly threatened and in urgent need of protection. Cape Town also encloses the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden that conserves fybnos and other local flora and fauna.

2. Cape Town Is The Gateway To The Incredible Marine World

Some of the world’s best whale watching spots are located near Cape Town. Southern right and humpback whales are quite frequently observed in the coastal waters of the city during the breeding season. Other whale species can also be occasionally spotted in the area. Heaviside's dolphin is a dolphin species that is endemic to the region. These cetaceans, as well as the dusky dolphins, can be observed in the waters around Cape Town. Boulders Beach near Cape Town is a top spot to watch African penguins in their natural habitat.

1. Cape Town Is A Surfing Hotspot

An annual international surfing competition, the Red Bull Big Wave Africa, is held in Cape Town every year. It is one of the world’s best-surfing destinations with excellent waves.


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