The World's Largest Rabbits

Flemish rabbits can reach up to 25 lbs in weight.
Flemish rabbits can reach up to 25 lbs in weight.

Rabbits come in a variety of sizes, weight, color, and body shape. The differences in these qualities vary from breed to breed. Some breeds have a slightly larger body size than the normal average size of a rabbit. Some of the largest breeds of rabbit are as discussed below.

10. Silver Fox - 12 lb

The silver fox rabbit is mostly known for its unique fur. They are large rabbits who have a mass of around 12 lbs on average. The females are generally heavier than the males. Mature bucks weigh 9-11 pounds and mature does 10-12 pounds averagely. Checkered Giant and Champagne Breeds are believed to have been used to come up with the silver fox. The furs usually measure around 1 ½ inches on average. The silver fox breed of rabbit got its name due to its fur which has a close resemblance with the fur of the silver fox. They are known to be friendly and to enjoy large bouts of attention.

9. Giant Papillon - 12 lb

A mature giant papillon breed usually has an average mass of approximately 12 lb. They are mostly used as show animals and as pets. The breed usually has white fur, with patches in either grey, black, chocolate, or blue on its sides. The patches above the nose are mostly butterfly-shaped. This rabbit has a muscular and a slender body stature. The back of these rabbits is usually straight and long. They have strong and well-rounded limbs and hindquarters. The ears are wide and upright. They are wide-headed. They have short, soft and dense fur. The ears and the areas around the eyes are usually dull colored. These rabbits are friendly. However, they get temperamental and aggressive when handled incorrectly.

8. Checkered Giant - 12 lb

The checkered giant is another rabbit breed considered to be one of the world’s largest. The average weight of a matured Checkered Giant rabbit breed is 12 lbs. They have a semi-arched or the mandolin type of body shape. They are slender yet muscular. They are wide-headed and have got powerful and masculine limbs. They usually have short fur, white in color with black patches. The ears of this breed are usually upright and broad.

7. Altex - 13 lb

The name "Altex" was derived from Alabama and Texas, where the Altex breed traces its origin. This breed of rabbit weighs 13 lb on average. The weight and size usually average the same in both sexes. The breed is obtained from cross-breeding of Flemish Giant, Californian, and Argente de Chamagne breeds. The New Zealand breed was later introduced to the cross breeding. They are normally white in color. The female usually has grey patches at the tip of the ears and at the tip of the tail. The ears are usually upright. The fur of the Altex breed is usually soft and short.

6. British Giant - 13 lb

The British giant weighs around 13 lb on average. They are mostly found in the United Kingdom. The British Giant has a large body, which is normally flat across the back and has wide front and hindquarters. They come in different colors. The fur of this breed is usually medium length, dense and soft. They have a patient and calm personality. For this personality trait, they are kept as pets. The British giant is a breed of the Flemish giant.

5. Hungarian Giant - 15 lb

This breed was obtained from the cross-breeding of assorted rabbits and other wild rabbits. Matured Hungarian rabbits normally have an average mass of 15 lb. The ears of this breed are upright and are usually dark on the outside, with a lighter shade on the inside. The fur of the Hungarian breed is usually short, soft and dense. They come in various assorted colors. They are mainly kept for their meat.

4. Spanish Giant - 15 lb

Spanish giant rabbit weighs around 15 lb. The Spanish giant was obtained through the cross-breeding of the Flemish Giant and two Spanish breeds: the Lebrel Espanol and the Belier. The Spanish breed has short, soft, and very dense fur. The Spanish giant has long, broad and upright ears.

3. Blanc de Bouscat - 15 lb

Blanc de Bouscat is a rabbit that has its origin in France. They are unheard of in most parts of the world. They were discovered and domesticated for the first time in 1906. They are normally white in color with upright ears. They usually have short yet dense fur. They are normally calm, friendly and easy to train. They are mostly kept as pets because of their personality and because of their coloration.

2. Continental Giant - 16 lb

The continental giants are also commonly referred to as the German Giant. They are also descendants of the Flemish giants. They come in a variety of colors. The length of the ears is approximately 25% of the total body length. The hindquarters of this breed are well muscled. The fur is dense and grows up to around 4 cm. The lifespan of the continental giant is usually 4 to 5 years on average. The continental giants are usually curious, calm and very friendly. They are not only friendly to humans, but also to other animals such as cats.

1. Flemish Giant - 25 lb

The Flemish giant is the largest breed of rabbit. Its average weight is usually 25 lb. Due to its patience and calm nature while being handled, many people keep the Flemish giant as a pet. The breed has fluffy and a glossy fur. The back of the the Flemish giant is usually arched from the shoulder all the way to the tail. Bucks have a broad, larger head compared to the does. To reach the maximum weight and body size, does usually take around 1 year whereas the bucks usually take up to one and a half years. However, both sexes are usually sexually mature at around 4 ½ months.


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