The World's Largest Exporters Of Rugs

Many rugs from Turkey are still hand-woven.
Many rugs from Turkey are still hand-woven.

Rugs are thick woven materials made from animal skin or textiles that cover the floor. Some people refer to rugs as carpets or mats according to where they come from. Production of rugs dates to many centuries ago when people were weaving just for fun and later began weaving for commercial purposes. Commercialization of the rug industry has its root in England and from there spread quickly. To date, rug production is an activity many nations are doing, but it is just a few that have ventured into exportation and see it as a source of income.

The World's Largest Exporters of Rugs


Carpet weaving is among the earliest traditional arts in Turkey and for many centuries, the nation has produced a high amount of rugs to supply the globe. It is the role of women to produce the rugs, and over the years their skills and art have been perfected. Exportation of rugs comes from the 19th century where there was a vast demand for the Turkish rugs leading to an increase in production. 99% of all rugs in Turkey are man-made, especially by women either at their homes or in industries. The country gets a revenue of approximately 1.62 billion dollars annually from rug exportation.


Belgium is the second largest exporter of rugs and carpets in the world. The country produces very high-quality mats, and as a result, there is a higher demand resulting in a higher market for the country. Belgium began production and exportation of rugs centuries ago, and over the years the industry has grown fast. Just as in Turkey, most rugs in Belgium are handmade with only a small percentage being produced by machines. The export value of rugs and carpets in Belgium is averagely 471 million dollars each year.


The carpet industry in India blossomed during the time of independence. The industry began before the independence of the country through the help of the Persian and Turkish weavers who came to the country, but the production later died due to a number of reasons. Today, the carpet industry in India is showing a continued steep rise in exportation. The rug industries are found in states like Kashmir and Punjab, and many more. The country earns a total of 460 million dollars yearly from rugs.

Future of the Rug Industry

Carpets and rugs are beautiful decorations in our homes, offices, schools, and places of religion. More people are embracing the art and try to produce them. Studies reveal that in the coming years the carpet industry is going to rise tremendously and its production and exportation will also rise significantly.

The World's Largest Exporters of Rugs

Rank´╗┐CountryExport Value
1Turkey1.62 Billion
2Belgium 471 Million
3India460 Million
4China 399 Million
5Germany137 Million

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