The Tallest Buildings in Spain

The Torre de Cristal in Madrid, Spain. Photo credit: IR Stone /
The Torre de Cristal in Madrid, Spain. Photo credit: IR Stone /

Spain has witnessed an increase in the number of skyscrapers in the 21st century. The country’s eight tallest buildings were all completed in the last two decades. The Cajasol building completed in 2015 is the most recent skyscraper to built and stands 605ft above the ground as the 6th tallest building in the county. The following are the tallest building in Spain in order of their height without the antennas and masts mounted on top.

The Tallest Buildings in Spain​

Torre de Cristal

Torre de Cristal is the tallest building in Spain. It is popularly referred to as the Crystal Tower and stands 817ft tall. The sky scraper is located in the Cuatro Torres Business Area and was completed in 2008. It surpasses the former tallest building by only one meter. The Crystal tower is the 16th tallest building in Europe. It houses 45 floors above the ground and seven below.

Torre Cepsa

Torre Cepsa is the second tallest building in Spain at 815ft; it is surpassed by Torre de Cristal by about 3ft. Initially, the building was known as Torre Bankia, but the name was changed to Torre Cepsa in June 2014. It is located in Cuatro Torres Business Area in the Spanish capital and houses 45 floors. The construction of Torre Cepsa began in October 2004 and was completed in 2008. It was constructed to serve as the headquarters for Repsol oil and gas company, but in 2017 it was sold to the financial institution Caja Madrid for an estimated cost of €815 million. It was later sold to an Abu Dhabi tycoon before being acquired by Amancio Ortega who is one of the richest people in Europe for €490 million euros.

Torre PwC

The Torre PWC is a 774ft tall building located in the Cuatro Torres Business Area in Madrid. It was formally known as the Torre Sacyr Vallehermoso. The building was completed in 2008 and is the third tallest building in Spain. Sixty percent of the building is occupied by the Eurostars Madrid Tower, a five-star hotel. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) moved to the building in 2011 and occupies the 34th to the 50th floors which were vacant. The PWC logo was mounted on top of the tower, and it was later the Torre PWC. It houses 52 floors and is covered entirely by glass.

Torre Espacio

The Torre Espacio is the fourth tallest tower in Spain with a height of 750ft. Its construction began in 2004 and ended in 2008. It houses fifty-seven floors and was at one time the tallest building in Spain before the other three were completed. Henry N. Cobb, an American architect, and partner in the firm Pei Cobb Freed designed the building. Its unique design earned it a spot on the Discovery Channel's Build It Bigger. The Canadian and Australian embassies are located within the Torre Espacio.

The Tallest Buildings in the World

Although the Torre de Cristal is the tallest building in Spain and the forth tallest in the EU, it is three times shorter than the Burh Khalifa in the UAE which is the tallest building in the world with a height of 2,717ft. Shanghai Tower ranks second at 2,073ft while Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower ranks third at 1,971ft.

The Tallest Buildings in Spain

RankBuilding NameHeight (Meters)Year of ConstructionLocation
1Torre de Cristal2492008Madrid
2Torre Cepsa2482008Madrid
3Torre PwC2362008Madrid
4Torre Espacio2302007Madrid
5Gran Hotel Bali1862002Benidorm
6Cajasol Tower1812015Seville
7Torre Iberdrola1652011Bilbao
8Torre Lugano1582007Benidorm
9Torre Picasso1571988Madrid
10Torre Mapfre1541992Barcelona
11Hotel Arts1541992Barcelona
12Neguri Gane1452001Benidorm
13Torre Agbar1442004Barcelona
14Torre de Madrid1421957Madrid
15Edificio Kronos1402008Benidorm

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