The Tallest Buildings in Ottawa

The skyline of Ottawa.
The skyline of Ottawa.

Ottawa is the capital and the fourth largest city in Canada. The city lies on the southern bank of the Ottawa River. It borders Gatineau to form the National Capital Region and the Ottawa–Gatineau census metropolitan area. Ottawa has developed into an economic and political hub in the country. Modern infrastructure including high-rise building characterizes it. The construction of high-rise buildings in the city began in 1965 when authorities withdrew the 149 ft restriction that had been placed to ensure no structure was taller than the Peace Tower. Although the restriction was removed, several protected view corridors were established to ensure that the parliament building was visible from different angles. As of April 2018, the Terrasses de la Chaudière Tower One is the tallest building in the metropolitan with a height of 406 ft.

The Tallest Buildings in Ottawa.

Tower One of the Les Terrasses de la Chaudière complex is the tallest building in the metropolitan. The building stands 406 ft and consists of 30 floors. It was built in 1978 to house government offices in Gatineau. Tower One alongside the other two towers hosts about 6,500 federal employees.

Tower C of the Place de Ville complex in downtown Ottawa is the second tallest building with a height of 367 ft. The complex was built in 1971 and consists of three towers and two hotel buildings.

The Minto Metropole is a 354 ft building in Westboro, Ottawa that has 32 storeys. It is not only the third tallest in the metropolitan but it is also the tallest residential building. It was completed in 2004 and hosts 153 condominiums. The initial project was meant to construct several short buildings along the river bank, but the citizenry opposed the plan for it would obscure the river view. The developer was forced to build a single high-rise building.

The fourth tallest building is the Le Parc building in Manor Park. Le Parc stands 341 ft and consists of 30 floors. It was completed in 1988 as a residential building and consists of 223 units.

Tower one of the Place du Portage is the fifth tallest building in the metropolitan with a height of 331 ft. It is located in Gatineau and consists of 25 floors. The complex was built in four phases spanning between 1973 -79. Tower one was the first phase completed in 1973.

Changing Skyline

The Ottawa skyline is set to change as developers seek to build taller building. The 900 Albert Complex consisting of Towers 1, 2, and 3 is under construction and is set to be 757ft, 632ft, and 426ft respectively. Once completed, Tower 1 will be the tallest in the city. The 469ft, 45-storey Claridge Icon, and the 367-ft, 32 storey 121 Parkdale are also under construction.

The Tallest Buildings in Ottawa

RankBuildingHeight (m)Height (ft)FloorsYear Built
1Place de VilleTower C112367291971
2Minto Metropole109354322004
3Le Parc104341301988
4R.H. Coats Building99324261976
5Minto Place Suite Hotel98322301989
6Ottawa Marriott Hotel96314291972
7Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel96314261967
8World Exchange Plaza West96314201991
9Place Bell94308271971
10Place Export Canada93305261983
11The Classics93305291990
12Peace Tower92302131927
13Island Park Towers III91299261972
14Performance Court90.5297212014
15Constitution Square II90296211992
16The Carlisle90296281986

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