The Tallest Buildings in Oklahoma City

At 844, Devon Tower dwarfs the surrounding buildings of Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City is the largest and capital of Oklahoma State. Modern infrastructure including high rise buildings characterizes the City. There are more than fifty high-rise buildings seventeen of which stands above 250 feet. Three of the building are skyscrapers. The advent of high-rise buildings in the city began with the completion of the Colcord Hotel in 1909. After the discovery of oil, the population proliferated necessitating the development of more infrastructure. Developers raced to build taller buildings as the "race to the top" saw the construction of the City Place Tower and the First National Center in the CBD. Thereafter, tall buildings began shaping the skyline of the western, northern and the downtown areas of the city. In 1993 a Metropolitan Area Project was approved sparking a rush to construct and restore domestic facilities. The program was completed in 2004.

The Tallest Buildings in Oklahoma City

Devon Tower

The tallest building in the city is the Devon Tower. It stands 844 feet above the ground and was completed in 2012. Upon completion, the building overshadowed the Chase Tower and the Bok Tower to become the tallest building in the city and state respectively. The fifty-storey tower was built at an estimated cost of cost of $750 million.

Chase Tower

The Chase Tower is the second tallest building with a height of 500 feet. It was previously known as the Liberty Tower and the Bank One Tower. The tower is the sixth tallest in the state. It was built in 1971 and was the tallest building until 2011 when the Devon Tower was completed. Chase Tower has 36 storeys.

First National Center

The First National Center is the third tallest building with a height of 493 feet. It is also the seventh tallest in the state. It was constructed in 1931 and has thirty-three storeys. It was the tallest in the city and state between 1931-1971. The architectural design of the building resembles the Empire State Building.

City Place Tower

City Place Tower ranks fourth in the city and eight in the state with a height of 440 feet. The tower was built in 1931 and has 33 storeys. It was the tallest building in the city for a brief period in 1931 before the First National Center came to a completion days later.

Oklahoma Tower

Oklahoma Tower ranks fifth with a height of 434 feet. The building was completed in 1982 and has 31 floors. Oklahoma Tower is a foot taller than the BOK Park Plaza which was constructed in 2017 and has 27 floors.

Tallest Building in Oklahoma State

The Devon Energy Center in Oklahoma City is the tallest building in the state with a height of 844 feet. The BOK Tower in Tulsa ranks second with 667 feet while Cityplex Tower also in Tulsa ranks third with 648 feet. First Place Tower (516 feet) and Mid-Continent Tower (513 feet) rank fourth and fifth respectively and are both in Tulsa.

The Tallest Buildings in Oklahoma City

Rank´╗┐Building NameHeight (ft)Height (m)FloorsYear
1Devon Energy Center844 257.3502012
2Chase Tower500 152.4361971
3First National Center493 150.3331931
4City Place Tower440 134.1331931
5Oklahoma Tower434 132.3311982
6BOK Park Plaza433132272017
7SandRidge Center393 119.8301973
8Valliance Bank Tower321 97.8221984
9Bank of Oklahoma Plaza310 94.5161972
10One Leadership Square308 93.9221984
11Regency Tower288 87.8241966
12The Classen287 87.5211967
13Founders Tower275 83.8201963
14Gold Star Memorial Library264 80.5181954
15Continental Resources Center26280191980

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