Tallest Buildings in Jersey City, New Jersey

The skyline of Jersey City, New Jersey.
The skyline of Jersey City, New Jersey.

Jersey City is a city in the northern parts of the US state of New Jersey. Jersey City is close to the Hudson River, Hackensack River, Upper New York Bay, and Newark Bay. The first building ever to be considered as a skyscraper in the area was the Labor Bank Building (or 26 Journal Square currently) which was completed in 1928. The early 1990s saw Jersey City experiencing a small growth surge in building construction. By the late 1990s, the surge had increased massively as evidenced by an increase in the number of high-rises for commercial and residential use. Some of the tallest buildings in the city were constructed during this time including the Harborside Financial Center and 30 Hudson Street. As it stands, there are over thirty-five high-rises with heights of 300 feet or more. This high number of tall buildings makes Jersey City’s skyline the fifth tallest in the northeastern region.

The Tallest Buildings in Jersey City

Goldman Sachs Tower

30 Hudson Street, or the Goldman Sachs Tower, is the tallest building in Jersey City. Standing tall at 781 feet and 42 stories, the high-rise has plenty of amenities like cafeterias, health units, banks, fitness facilities, and others. The tower was finalized in 2004, and it was the 67th tallest in the US as of December 2016.

URBY Harborside Tower

The URBY Harborside Tower I is in second place with an elevation of 713 feet and sixty-nine levels. This building, which was completed in 2017, is part of an office complex which has ten plazas. The Mack-Cali Realty Corporation owns all the towers in the complex except for the tenth plaza.

Journal Squared Tower 1

Like the URBY Harborside Tower I, the Journal Squared Tower 1 was also completed in 2017 although it has 54 floors only and a height of 574 feet. Also, like the URBY Harborside Tower I, the Journal Squared Tower 1 is part of a complex consisting of three towers. The complex is an undertaking of the Kushner Real Estate Group.

Other notable tall buildings

There are several tall skyscrapers currently planned for Atlantic City. For example, 99 Hudson Street, which is going to be complete in 2019, will stand at a massive 899 feet and have 76 floors. 90 Columbus, which be complete in 2018, will stand at elevations of 530 feet and have 48 stories

Tallest Buildings in Jersey City, New Jersey

RankBuilding NamesHeight (ft)Height (m)FloorsYear Built
130 Hudson Street (Goldman Sachs Tower)781238422004
2URBY Harborside Tower I713217692017
3Journal Squared Tower 1574175542017
4Trump Plaza550167552008
5101 Hudson Street548167421992
6Newport Tower531162371991
770 Columbus530161482015
870 Greene Street500152502010
977 Hudson Street500152502009
10Monaco North499152472011
11Monaco South499152472011
12Exchange Place Centre490149301989
13Trump Bay Street484148502017
14Harborside Plaza 5480146342002
15Southampton Apartments450137362000
16Atlantic Apartments450137361998
17Riverside Apartments450137331998
18East Hampton Apartments450137331999
19The Ellipse445136432017
20Crystal Point436133412009

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