Tallest Buildings In Ohio

 Cleveland's Terminal Tower illuminated in rainbow colours is the second tallest building in Ohio.
Cleveland's Terminal Tower illuminated in rainbow colours is the second tallest building in Ohio.

The 947 feet tall Key Tower in Cleveland is the tallest building in Ohio and the 23rd-tallest building in the entire US. Towering over the entire downtown Cleveland skyline with great height, Key Tower is the Only Landmark in Cleveland visible from 20 miles away. Terminal Tower, a renowned property that reigned Ohio skylines in the early 20th century was the second tallest building in the world upon completion. Other towers that light up the horizons of Ohio are the pinnacle of Cincinnati- the Great American Tower, 200 Public Square, and the Rhodes State Office Tower all standing at the height of above 600 ft.

The Tallest Buildings In Ohio

Key Tower, in downtown Cleveland, is the tallest skyscraper in Ohio. Cesar Pelli designed the 57 story building with a height of 947 feet (289 m), and it is visible from 20 miles (32 km) away. The property has 1.3 million square feet of office space, a 400-room Marriott Hotel, and the 900-space underground garage. Construction started on October 17, 1988, and completed in 1991. Columbia Property Trust owns the skyscraper. KeyCorp, a regional financial service firm is the anchor tenant. Squire Patton Boggs and Thompson Hine law firms have their headquarters in Key Tower. With the postmodernism, architectural style, and the façade system of curtain walls Key Tower is the pride of Cleveland and Ohio.

Terminal Tower

Terminal Tower rises to an incredible height of 771 feet, with 52 stories. This landmark skyscraper in downtown Cleveland occupies the second position among the tallest buildings in Ohio. Construction started in 1926, and by the time of completion in 1930, it became the tallest building in the world. In those years the strobe light on top of the tower helped ships in the Port of Cleveland dock and the airplanes at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport land. Van Sweringen brothers developed the property worth $179 million sitting on 280-foot caissons. The architect modeled the building after the magnificent Beaux-Arts New York Municipal Building. K&D Management, LLC owns Terminal Tower. The observation deck provides a lush landscape view of up to 30 miles on a clear day. External lightings on the buildings include color configured 508 LEDs.

The Great American Tower

The Great American Tower, the pinnacle of downtown Cincinnati rises to about 660 ft with forty-one towers making it the 3rd tallest building in Ohio. Western and Southern Financial Group built the skyscraper with constructions running from July 2008 to January 2011 at the cost of $322 million. Gyo Obata designed the building with the inspiration of Princess Diana’s tiara. The property is constructed of glass and aluminum. FRCH Design Worldwide designed the ground floor lobby interiors. The building was intended for commercial purposes and offers unparalleled class A+ office suite which offers magnificent views from 301 East Fourth Street. The biggest tenant is the American Financial Group, law firms like the Frost Brown Todd and Vorys, and Pease and Western and Southern Financial Group. With its tiara top, Great American Tower offers a unique and stellar display recognized worldwide.

200 Public Square

200 Public Square is the forth-tallest skyscraper in Cleveland Ohio. The building in Public Square, Downtown Cleveland has 45 stories and 658 ft in height with about 1.2 million square feet of office space. The building offers a 757 car parking garage attached to it and operated by Standard Parking. Huntington Bancshares headquarters are located at 200 Public Square. Construction started in 1982 with the demolition of Williamson Building and the Cuyahoga Building and completed in 1985. Initially, Standard Oil Ohio, the facilitator, planned to construct a building higher than Terminal Tower but Cleveland City officials disagreed and insisted that the Terminal Tower remain as the tallest landmark. Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum designed the building with a postmodern architectural style and angled in a parallel position with both Euclid and Superior avenues. The official opening was in 1987, and then BP bought the remaining 45% of Sohio so as to merge its North American holdings and formed BP America Inc. with headquarters in 200 Public Square.

Rhodes State Office Tower

The James Allen Rhodes State Office Tower in 30 East Broad Street ranks fifth in this list of tallest buildings in Ohio and the tallest building in Columbus with its 41-stories and 629.0 ft. Construction of the Rhodes Tower started in 1971 and completed in 1973 at the cost of US$66 million. The state of Ohio owns the property. Today, about 4,000 state employees work in Rhodes Office Tower. The building is characterized with a last minute design decision of capping its height. The property built for commercial purposes has 1,200,000 sq ft.

All these skyscrapers are located in Ohio three largest cities: Cleveland in Northeast Ohio, Columbus in Central Ohio and Cincinnati in Southwest Ohio. Their postmodern architectural designs and the fascinating heights gladden the skyline of Ohio. If there is anything more beautiful than Ohio, it is observing Ohio cityscapes from the heights of any these skyscrapers.

The Tallest Buildings In Ohio

RankNameHeight (in feet)Floors
1Key Tower94757
2Terminal Tower77152
3Great American Tower at Queen City Square66041
4200 Public Square65845
5Rhodes State Office Tower62945
6Carew Tower57449
7LeVeque Tower55549
8William Green Building53033
9Tower at Erieview52940
10Huntington Center (Columbus)51237
11Vern Riffe State Office Tower50332
12PNC Tower49531
13One Nationwide Plaza48540
14Scripps Center46836
15Franklin County Government Center46427
16AEP Building45631
17One Cleveland Center45031
18Fifth Third Center44627
19Borden Building43834
20Carl B. Stokes Federal Courthouse Tower43023

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