The Tallest Buildings in Mumbai

A construction boom has led to Mumbai's skyline to be dominated by skyscrapers. Editorial credit: SNEHIT /
A construction boom has led to Mumbai's skyline to be dominated by skyscrapers. Editorial credit: SNEHIT /

Mumbai is the commercial and financial hub of India hosting more than 4,000 high-rise buildings including some of the highest skyscrapers in the world. It is ranked as the sixth city with the most skyscrapers in the world, the majority of which are residential. In the last decade, the metropolitan town has experienced a boom in the construction industry with numerous Supertalls, hundreds of skyscrapers, and countless high-rise buildings under construction. At present, Mumbai hosts the largest number of super-tall buildings and skyscrapers in the world. Below is a list of the tallest residential, commercial, and retail complexes that dominate Mumbai’s skyline.

The Tallst Buildings In Mumbai

Palais Royale

Palais Royale is the tallest skyscraper building in India located in the Lower Parel region of Mumbai. It is considered the first supertall building in India to attain a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum score for environmental sustainability in green construction. The luxurious residential building is 1,050 feet tall with 88 floors and 120 high-end apartments. To increase the comfort level of its occupants, the tower is designed as little movements as possible using robust reinforced concrete frame and a low aspect ratio of 1:3. The premise has amenities such as a cinema hall, spa, cricket pitch, football pitch, badminton court, and three swimming pools.

Omkar 1973 Tower A and Tower B

The Omkar Tower A and B are the second and third tallest building in Mumbai’s Worli area. Upon completion, the Omkar 1973 Towers will host over 400 sky bungalows extending from 2,500-sqare ft. to 18,200-square. ft. Tower A will rise 876 feet above the ground with 75 floors while Tower B will be slightly smaller at 873 ft. with 70 floors. Its proximity to the Mumbai’s commercial center and overview of the Arabian Sea will make it an attractive residential tower to the high and upper middle working class.

Imperial Tower 1 and Tower 2

The Imperial towers comprise of the tallest skyscrapers dominating the southern Mumbai skyline. The construction was initiated in 2010 in the Tardeo region, a former slum land where the current re-development model of construction is being widely practiced in large scale by providing free land and rehabilitation to slum residents in return for exclusive property development rights. The twin tower building is a residential building with both towers rising 833 feet above the ground and each hosting 61 floors.

The Future of Mumbai’s Skyline

With the tremendous exponential growth experienced in Mumbai in the last decade, it is expected that more skyscrapers and super-tall buildings will dominate Mumbai’s skyline in the future. Being the 8th most populous city in the world, Mumbai is placed in the limelight of embracing green technology in the new generation of skyscrapers. The current state of the global climate is putting pressure on the construction industry to embrace environmental friendly production processes, eco-friendly construction materials, and sustainable waste management procedures. With these tri-generation developments and approvals from LEED, Mumbai can be sure to preserve and advance one of humanity’s greatest triumphs over physics.

The Tallest Buildings in Mumbai

RankNameHeight (m)Hegiht (ft)FloorsYear
1Palais Royale3201050882015
2Omkar 1973 Tower A267876752017
3Omkar 1973 Tower B266873702017
4Imperial Tower 1254833 612010
5Imperial Tower 2254833 612010
6One Avighna Park251823 602017
7Ahuja Tower250820 532014
8L&T Crescent Bay 1245804 642017
9Indiabulls Sky240787 482016
10World Crest223732 572014
11Lodha Bellissimo A & B222728 532012
12Lodha Bellissimo C222728 532012
13L&T Crescent Bay 2220722 572017
14Lodha Venezia 1213699 682017
15Orchid Enclave 1210689 522013
16Orchid Enclave 2210689 522013
17L&T Crescent Bay 3210689 542017
18Omar Alta Monte Tower A205673 532015
19Kohinoor Square203666 522013
20Lodha Primero201659 522014

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