Tallest Buildings In Los Angeles

The stunning sky of Los Angeles city.
The stunning sky of Los Angeles city.

Tallest Buildings In Los Angeles

The 1,100 feet tall Wilshire Grand Centre is the tallest building in Los Angeles and the entire state of California. It is also the tallest west of the Mississippi River. Los Angeles is among the largest cities in America, and home to some of the tallest buildings in the country. In 1904, the city limited the heights of building to 130 feet but extended it to 150 feet in 1911. The ordinance made Parkinson's skyscraper the tallest building in the city for 50 years. This limitation was to keep the area low-rise and open with fewer shadows and sun penetration. The limitation was lifted in 1957 paving the way for the construction of taller buildings with the most recent building like the Grand Wilshire Center.

Grand Wilshire Center

The Grand Wilshire is the tallest building in Los Angeles with a height of 1,100 feet. Its construction permit was issued in 1950 as the tallest single building costing 15 million dollars. In 1952 it opened as Hotel Statler. In 1954, Hilton Hotels and Resort bought it and renamed it Hilton Startler. In 1968, Hilton renovated the hotel and named it Los Angeles Hilton Tower. Reliance group later bought in 1983 and finally Korean Air purchased it in 1995 and named it Grand Wilshire Hotel. The hotel is still under construction. It is a 73 story tower with 900 rooms used for retail, hotels observation deck and office space. It has a sail-shaped crown illuminated by LED light at night. It will serve as a part of light and sign district in Los Angeles. The roof of the skyscraper is a distinctive feature of the Los Angeles flat roofed buildings. Its foundation is set on bedrock called Fernando formation. It became the tallest building on September 3, 2016 when a spire was added to the top of the building making additional 160 feet, and it is scheduled to open on March 8, 2017. The building is owned by Hanjin Group, and the architects were AC Martin Partners.

US Bank Tower

US Bank Tower ranks second among the tallest buildings in Los Angeles, and it is also known as the library tower. It was part of the Los Angeles central library. It is 967.6 feet building with 73 floors and two parking lots underground. It has a large glass crown illuminated by light at its top. It is used for commercial purposes and often for movie filming and TV shots. In 2003, US Bancorp leased the building and renamed it the US bank tower. In 2004, they installed logo signs on the building and in 2013 Oversees Union Enterprise Limited purchased the building. In 2014, construction of an observation deck on the 69th and 70th floors commenced, which has become a favorite tourist spot. The construction of the building started in 1987 and completed in 1989 at the cost of $350 million. The architects who designed the building Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and Ellerbe Becket and the primary constructor was Turner Construction Company. It has a floor area of 1,432,540 square feet.

Two California Plaza

Two California Plaza is the 4th tallest building in Los Angeles, and its construction began in 1983 and completed in 1992 by Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company. The building reaches 750 feet and has 54 floors. The building, also known as Deloitte & Touch building serves as a commercial center and learning center to the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) and art the Colburn School of Performing Arts Court. It was a ten-year project costing $1.2 billion that started in 1983 and coming to completion in 1992 during a fall in Los Angeles real estate market, forcing it to open while only 30% completed. Deloitte, a primary tenant in the building, moved to the gas tower in 2014 and the C I'm group purchased it and renovated the building. The building is owned by CIM Group covering a floor area of 1.329,800 square feet and has 26 elevators. The building was designed by Arthur Erickson Architects and AC Martin Partners. The structural engineer was Martin & Huang International.

AON Center

AON Center ranks third among the tallest buildings in Los Angeles and was formerly known as United California Bank Building from 1973 to 1981; then it became the first interstate Tower. It was the tallest building at that time until when the US bank tower was built. The building reaches 858 feet tall and has 62 floors. The construction of the building began in 1970 and completed in 1973, and it is owned by 707 Wilshire LLC. It has five floors below the ground and covers a floor area of 1,249,990 square feet; it also has 30 elevators or the lifts. The building was designed by Charles Luckman and the main contractor was CL Contractors, and the structural engineers were Erkel Greenfield Associates

Gas Company Tower

The gas company tower or the SoCal gas is the 5th tallest building in Los Angeles, and the construction began in 1988 and completed in 1991. It reaches a height of 748 feet tall with 52 floors, nine of which are underground. It serves as the headquarters of the Southern California Gas Company and offices of Arent Fox and Sidley Austin. It has a series of cliff - like setbacks and inverted corners. The top has a blue glass that is the landmark of the building's primary tenant Southern gas company. Its lobby has a wall facing a huge mural known as Dusk in the adjacent building. Between the hallway and the mural are water jets flowing in straight lines that flow under the glass wall and the lobby's transparent floor. The building has a floor area of 1,313.360 square feet with 28 elevators. The Architects who designed the building was Richard Keating conjunction with Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill.

Today Los Angeles has some of the tallest buildings in America. With the renovation of old buildings and emergence of new skyscrapers, Los Angeles is well known for its amazing architecture, parks, theaters and other public places. Among the tallest buildings in the city are; the Bank of America Center, Wells Fargo Center, City National Tower Paul Hastings Tower, Figueroa at Wilshire, and Citigroup Center among others.

The Tallest Buildings In Los Angeles

RankNameHeight (in feet)Floors
1Wilshire Grand Center1,10073
2U.S. Bank Tower1,01873
3Aon Center85862
4Two California Plaza75054
5Gas Company Tower74852
6Bank of America Center73555
7777 Tower72552
8Wells Fargo Center72354
9Figueroa at Wilshire71753
10City National Tower69952
11Paul Hastings Tower69952
12LA Live Hotels & Condominiums66754
13Citigroup Center62548
14611 Place62042
15One California Plaza57842
16Century Plaza Tower II57144
17Century Plaza Tower I57144
18KPMG Tower56045
19Ernst & Young Plaza53441
20SunAmerica Center53339

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