The Tallest Buildings in Kolkata

Office buildings in downtown Kolkata. Editorial credit: Jesse33 /
Office buildings in downtown Kolkata. Editorial credit: Jesse33 /

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, a state India. It was previously known as Calcutta up until 2001 when the name changed to Kolkata. The city has some of the tallest buildings in India as well as in Asia. It has the second highest number of high-rise buildings in the country with over 800 buildings. Several other skyscrapers are still under construction. The buildings in the city have inspirations from different cultures of the world and depict different periods in history. Most of these skyscrapers in Kolkata are used for residential purposes. This article highlights some of the tallest building in the city, focusing on their height, construction, and purpose.

The Four Tallest Buildings in Kolkata

The 42

The 42 is the tallest building not only in Kolkata but also in India. It is 268 meters tall and has 63 floors. The building is located between Tata Center and Jeevan Sudha in Chowringhee in the Central Business District of Kolkata. The 42 is mainly used for residential purposes. The apartment units are luxurious and offer a 360-degree panoramic view of the city of Kolkata. The building has been occupied since 2018.

Urbana Tower 2

Urbana Tower 2 is the second tallest building in Kolkata at a height of 167.6 meters. It has 46 floors and is located on Nazirabad Road, Anandapur.The construction of the building started in 2009 and was completed in 2015. Upon its completion, Urban Tower 2 become a preferred residential apartment for those who lived in the city. It is part of the Urbana Housing project in Eastern India.

Urbana Tower 3

Urbana Tower 3 is 167.6 meters tall and has a total of 46 floors. Its construction started in 2009 was officially occupied as from 2015. At the time of its completion, it was the tallest building in Kolkata. It hosts mainly the residential apartments. Urbana 3 is also part of the residential project in Kolkata same as the first two Urbana towers. It is located on Nazirabad Road, Anandapur. The housing project accommodates over eight-thousand people. The top floors of the building give a 360-degree view of the city of Kolkata.

Urbana Tower 1

Urbana Tower 1 is the fourth tallest building in Kolkata at 152.4 meters. It is mainly used luxurious residential apartment and is among the Urbana residential apartments located on Nazirabad Road, Anandapur. The skyscraper which has 41 floors was built between 2009 and 2015. It was officially opened for occupation in 2015.

Other Notable Tall Building in Kolkata

Other than the 42 and the Urbana Housing apartments, there are other notable skyscrapers in Kolkata. For instance, there are 8 more buildings in the city that are at least 150 meters tall. These include Urbana Tower 4, Urbana Tower 5, Urbana Tower 6, Urbana Tower 7, Forum Atmosphere T1, Forum Atmosphere T2, The Westin, and The V. Another 10 buildings are over 100 meters tall. Furthermore, there are many more skyscrapers still under construction in Kolkata. Two of the buildings, Unimark Solitare and Avidipta 2 HIG, will be the fourth and fifth tallest buildings respectively once completed.

The Tallest Buildings in Kolkata

Rank´╗┐NameHeight (m)Height (ft)FloorsYear
1The 42268879632018
2Urbana Tower 2167.6550462014
3Urbana Tower 3167.6550462015
4Urbana Tower 1152.4500412015
5Urbana Tower 4152.4500462015
6Urbana Tower 5152.4500462014
7Urbana Tower 6152.4500462013
8Urbana Tower 7152.4500412013
9Forum Atmosphere T1152498332016
10Forum Atmosphere T2152498332016
11The Westin150492332013
12The V150492302013
13Air (Uniworld City)134440402014
18ITC Royal Bengal110361282016
20Mani Imperial T1108354282016

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