The Tallest Buildings in Japan

Skyline of Osaka dominated by the Abeno Harukas building. Editorial credit: Tumstation /
Skyline of Osaka dominated by the Abeno Harukas building. Editorial credit: Tumstation /

Japan is the world's third-largest economy after the United States and China. Its capital city, Tokyo, is among the largest cities in the world. Japan has some of the world's best infrastructure including buildings and transport facilities. However, skyscrapers in Japan are not as tall as those in China or other Asian countries because of the country's susceptibility to earthquakes. Construction is difficult due to the high cost of labor and regulations that require all buildings 150 feet to be earthquake-proof. The following are the tallest buildings in Japan.

Japan's 5 Tallest Buildings

Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas is the taller wing of the Abenobashi Terminal Building in Osaka. It is the tallest building in the country with a height of 984 feet. The building was completed in March 2014 after four years of construction. The Abeno Harukas consists of 60 floors above the ground and five below with a total area of 2,280,900 square feet. It hosts an observatory, restaurants, a luxurious hotel, and a department store.

Yokohama Landmark Tower

The Yokohama Landmark Tower ranks second with a height of 972 feet. It is located in the city of Yokohama. Construction began in March 1990 and ended in July 1993. The tower was the tallest in the country until the construction of the Abeno Harukas in 2014. It consists of 73 floors covering an area of 4,227,970 square feet. A five-star hotel 603 occupies floors 49-70 while the lower 48 floors contain restaurants offices, clinics, and shops.

Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building

The Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building in Osaka has a height of 840 feet making it the third tallest building in Japan. It was previously known as the WTC Cosmo Tower. The building has 52 stories with a sky lobby on the top and three basement floors. It hosts a museum, observation deck, restaurants, office space, and conference rooms. It was built in 1995.

Rinku Gate Tower Building

Rinku Gate Tower Building has a similar height to the Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building. The 840-foot building was completed in 1996 after four years of construction. It has 56 stories covering an area of 1,108,000 square feet. The tower has three sections; the lower section contains a conference hall, the middle contains business offices, while the top hosts a hotel.

Toranomon Hills

The Tiranomon Hills is skyscraper complex in Tokyo. The building has a height of 838 feet and contains 52 stories and five basements covering an area of 2,630,300 square feet. Construction of the building began in 2011 and ended in 2014. It houses the Government Pension Investment Fund among several other organizations.

Proposed Skyscrapers

Several skyscrapers have been proposed for construction in Japan, the most notable being the Sky Mile Tower, and the Tokiwabashi District Redevelopment Project Building B. The construction of both buildings is set to begin in 2023. The proposed W350 Tower is set to be the world's tallest wooden building.

The Tallest Buildings in Japan

Rank´╗┐BuildingLocation Height (m)
1Abeno Harukas Osaka300
2Yokohama Landmark TowerYokohama296
3Osaka Prefectual Government Sakishima BuildingOsaka256
4Rinku Gate Tower BuildingIxumisano256
5Toranomon Hills Tokyo256
6Midtown TowerTokyo248
7Midland SquareNagoya247
8JR Central Office TowerNagoya245
9Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1Tokyo243
10NTT Docomo Yoyogi BuildingTokyo240

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