The Tallest Buildings in Guangzhou, China

The skyline of Guangzhou.
The skyline of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou is home to some of the tallest structures in the world with their tallest building Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre being the seventh tallest building in the world. Canton tower, the tallest structure in the city, is not considered to be a building. The 2,000ft tall structure has 37 floors, and it is used as a sightseeing tower. Canton tower was opened in 2010.

The tallest skyscrapers in Guangzhou

1. Guangzhou CFT Finance Center

Guangzhou CFT Finance Center is a 1,739ft tower in Zhujiang new town, Guangzhou. Construction on it was finished in October 2016. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center, also known as East Tower is the third tallest building in China and the seventh in the world. It has about five underground and 111 above ground floors. It is a mixed-use tower which hosts a hotel, apartments, offices and shopping mall. It is one-half of Guangzhou twin towers. 

2. Guangzhou International Finance Center

Guangzhou International Finance Center is a 1,439ft tall skyscraper on Zhujiang avenue west in Guangzhou. The 103-floors structure is the other half of Guangzhou twin towers and the fifteenth tallest tower in the world. The five years construction process of the building began in 2005. It is the tallest structure in the world with a rooftop helipad. WilkinsonEyre designed the structure. The 99 and 100-storey are observation decks while sixty-ninth to ninety-eighth floors have a 4 season’s hotel. The 67 and 68 levels are used for mechanical equipment and the rest are office spaces. It won the RIBA Lubetkin price in 2012.

3. CITIC Plaza

CITIC (China International Trust and Investment) plaza is a 1,283ft tall office building in Tianhe district, Guangzhou. The height of the 80-floors building includes two spires on the rooftop. It is the sixteenth tallest tower in the world, eleventh in Asia and eighth in China. It was the tallest concrete skyscraper in the world until Trump tower Chicago was built. The plaza was the tallest structure in China after its completion in 1997 until the construction of Jin Mao Tower. Dennis Lau and Ng Chun Man engineers and architects designed the building while Kumagai Gammon Joint venture built the skyscraper.

4. The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle, also known as Guang Sheng International building or Grand International Mansion, is a 1,180ft high-rise in Tianhe district, Guangzhou. The 60-floors structure is the key business and commercial building in the city. The Pinnacle has six floors below ground and sixty above ground. The Pinnacle was opened in 2012. Guangzhou Hanhua engineers and architects designed the Pinnacle. It is a commercial offices skyscraper with a hotel.

5. Zhujiang New City tower

Zhujiang New City tower is a 67-floors building in Tianhe district, Guangzhou. After being opened in 2015, the 1,046ft structure became the fourth tallest building in the city replacing the 1,016ft Pearl River tower which was opened in 2012. Zhujiang new city tower has a floor space of about 1,944,490 sq ft. Construction of Zhujiang New City tower began in 2011, and it lasted for four years.

The future of skyscrapers in Guangzhou

Guangzhou has one of the most beautiful skylines in the world which features some of the tallest high-rises in China. Some of the approved projects which are yet to start are the 886ft Liede West region redevelopment and the 75-floors Trump International Tower and hotel in Guangzhou. One of the proposed projects which will outdo Guangzhou CFT Finance Center is the 2,953ft Nansha Tower which will be finished by 2022.

The Tallest Buildings in Guangzhou, China

RankNameHeight (m)Height (ft)FloorsYear
1Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre53017391112016
2Guangzhou International Finance Center43914401032010
3CITIC Plaza3911283801997
4The Pinnacle3601181602012
5Global City Square3181043672015
6Pearl River Tower3101016712012
7Fortune Center3091015682015
8Leatop Plaza303993642012
9R&F Yingkai Square296972662014
10Dapeng International Plaza269884562003
11China International Center Tower B269883622007
12Bank of Guangzhou Tower268878572012
13Post & Telecommunication Hub260853662003
14R&F Centre243797542007
15Victory Plaza Tower A222728522007
16One Link Walk218715532010
17Taikoo Hui Tower 1212695402011
18Vertical City208682512010
19GT Land Landmark Plaza North Tower207678462014
20Center Plaza202663472004

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