The Prettiest Towns in America

The main street of Galena, Illinois, is seen here.
The main street of Galena, Illinois, is seen here.

There is no doubt that the United States of America breams with beautiful charming towns. Every region and State has something unique to boast about. From national parks, coastlines to sports, the American towns have a wealth of experiences to offer to both the residents and the visitors. When it comes to natural beauty, some towns have it all. Here is a list of the top ten prettiest towns in the US with beauty to behold.

10. Savannah, Georgia

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Located along the shores of the Savannah River is Savannah, a major tourist destination in Georgia. With a pedestrian friendly layout and innovative designs, Savannah serves as the balm of the state. As a historic district, it is filled with parks such as the Forsyth Park which is surrounded by oak trees covered with Spanish moss. The streets are covered with emerald tree canopies, quaint cobblestone streets and antique architecture. The town offers the best experience of its beauty. Being a coastal city, there are many fun-filled activities to enjoy throughout the year. Food festivals, art exhibits, and the Gothic-Revival Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist attract people from across the globe that help create magical Savannah moments.

9. Charleston, South Carolina

The main strip of Charleston, South Carolina.

At the shore of South Carolina harbor is the oldest town in the state - Charleston. The town has received numerous Global awards for being one of the best towns in the US. The town was founded in 1670 and hosts an impressive share of historic buildings. Charleston is a rich religious town and has the highest density of churches out of anywhere else in the world. When visiting the city, it is refreshing to take a walk or ride a bike through the narrow perfect boroughs along the streets. The town has much to offer from culinary hotspots, entertaining attractions to outdoor and beach activities.

8. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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What first comes to mind when one thinks of Eureka Springs are moss-draped oaks, cold glasses of sweet tea, and rocking chairs on front porches. It can satisfy anyone’s appetite for down home southern dishes and romantic candle lit dinners from Czech- German, authentic Italian, and Spicy Indian cuisines. The town offers a blissful experience of history and beauty in its Victorian Village, which has over 100 unique art shops, boutiques and galleries. There are numerous outdoor activities all year round from hiking, adventurous nature walks, and the climax being the 2-hour zip line tour through the Ozark Mountain Forest.

7. Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

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Nestled in the middle of the breathtaking Lehigh Gorge is an old Victorian town called Jim Thorpe. The town gleams with history, fun and adventure. Jim Thorpe in Pennsylvania has consistently been ranked as the most beautiful, fun, romantic, and adventurous town in the US. The town offers a charm of both a European village and the thrill of a mountain sports destination. The historic town formerly known as Mauch Chunk offers the greatest gem for Pocono Mountains. The town is bordered by rails, trails and waterways that beckon room for outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, skiing, rafting and paintballs.

6. Galena, Illinois

Many buildings in Galena date from the 1800s.

Lying along the Mississippi River in Northwest Illinois is Galena, a brimming community that offers a romantic feel. Inspired by nature and overlooking the banks of the Galena River is the Main Street, the town is teeming with the old 19th century buildings that house specialty shops, art galleries and antique stores. The town has much to offer when it comes to ancient architecture and it features major historic sites in the US such as the Ulysses S. Grant Home State Historic Site. Galena offers outdoor adventurers with a range of activities like biking, boating and skiing during winter, which help visitors and residents to create fond memories of the place. The town is safe, healthy and vibrant making it ideal for families and businesses.

5. Breckenridge, Colorado

The town of Breckenridge, Colorado is nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

In a state internationally recognized for its charming alpine ski towns stands the Breckenridge. The town is full of charming vistas, family oriented vibes and stunning streets. Unsurpassed by the giant peaks of North America’s chairlift, the town provides a wide variety of excellent ski options for everyone from the shaky beginners to the lackluster backcountry daredevils. Though the town comes to life from November through to April due to skiing, there is still much to do during the warm months such as hiking, fishing and playing golf in the town’s golf course.

4. Holland, Michigan

The Windmill Island Village in Holland, Michigan.

Holland is an award-winning town in Michigan, internationally known for its acclaimed Tulip Time Festival. Each spring, about 4.5 million tulips blossom around the city, hence the Tulip Festival celebrated on August 31 every year. Downtown Holland is decorated in traditional Dutch architecture to signify European origin. Resting along the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, Holland has blissful white sandy beaches that offer lake front sunsets for visitors dining along the waterfronts. Holland has diverse American and European cuisines offered in local cafes and international culinary within a 50-mile radius of the city. The city is home to the Big Red Lighthouse and the Windmill Island Gardens, which provide a delightful environment to take a walk and unwind.

3. Santa Barbara, California

The Spanish colonial style of Santa Barbara, California, is unique.

Sandwiched between the shrub-covered ranges of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the turquoise blue shores of the Pacific Ocean is the Santa Barbara, which is consistently considered to be California’s best city. With a population of around 90,000, it is the largest city on our list. The town is filled with antique architecture from the 18th century such as the Mission Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. Downtown Santa Barbra retains its Spanish colonial heritage of Mediterranean white stucco buildings with red tiled roofs. The Stearns Wharf walk, nestled up between the magnificent Redwood Forest and the botanical gardens, provides a view of the city’s natural beauty. The winery and brewery at Santa Barbra provide a taste of the city’s best wines, which one can enjoy in the evening at the Lobero Theater as they watch ballet, jazz and chamber orchestra.

2. Ithaca, New York

The campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Ithaca is an internationally recognized tourist destination in the United States. Ithaca is renowned for its unique towering waterfall, which is one of a kind. With plenty of award winning and beautiful college campuses in the world, only students from Cornell University in Ithaca have the chance to pass a 55-foot cascading waterfall on their way to class. The town is also crowned with a lush of ice-age gorges and endless panoramic view of the Cayuga Lake, which hosts the Finger Lake Festival that attracts millions of visitors annually. The interactive planet walk provides a strolling pathway where people watch live bands of jazz music.

1. St. Augustine, Florida

The city hall of beautiful St. Augustine, Florida.

St. Augustine is a tight rumbling municipality old town in Florida with narrow streets for nature strolls. The town’s architectural and street designs are greatly influenced by the Spanish, British and American colonial past. The core has been active since the 1600s and the oldest buildings still exist as part of the town’s culture. St. Augustine hosts Florida’s most important landmark, the Castillo San Marco Waterfront that gives a view of the Matanza River. The Bayfront also gives a sunset view of the Bridge of Lions through the breezing sailboats. The town’s parks provide a view of its rich marine and aquatic wildlife comprising of frolicking dolphins and alligators.


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