The National Rifle Association (NRA)

NRA members and supporters equate gun ownership to a basic human right, and interpret it as a liberty ensured by the U.S. Constitution.
NRA members and supporters equate gun ownership to a basic human right, and interpret it as a liberty ensured by the U.S. Constitution.

5. Overview

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is a non-profit organization which looks toward expanding the gun ownership rights in America, and its headquarter is situated in Fairfax, Virginia. It is one of the oldest ownership rights organizations operating in America, and it is involved with the teaching of gun safety and firearm competency as well. The membership of the NRA surpassed some 5 million people in the year 2013. It instructs both adults and youths about law enforcement, and also publishes many magazines and sponsors rifle marksmanship events as well. Many lawmakers see the organization as the most powerful interest group lobbying around the national capitol in Washington, D.C.

4. Organizational History

The formation of the National Rifle Association came about in the year 1871, and organized sport events involving shooting with pistols and rifles. The American Congress organized a board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice in the year 1901, and this included the members of the National Guards, the NRA, and the U.S. Military Services. The board also organized a national level shooting competition that was open for both military personnel and U.S. civilians. The members of the NRA were kept busy pushing for updated firearms acts, the first such bill being passed in the year 1934 in the form of the National Firearms Act, and it was the first gun control law. Even the organization made its place within the parameters of politics by forming a coalition with the Republican Party. The group was known from its formative years for the organization of regional and national competitions and selected its own teams for international marksmanship events as well.

3. Successes

In the past years, the National Rifle Association has realized some remarkable victories in the areas of legislation and politics. Many candidates from NRA also bagged positions in political elections in the year 2009. The NRA also gets sponsorships worth millions of dollars from the corporate sponsors and the dues from people who are members. The voters affiliated with the NRA are passionate about the firearms and fund the gun clubs, teach their children about shooting safely, and organize their own hunting trips. Recently, the NRA has been judged as a social group, an influential lobby, a benefactor, and a famous industrial group alike.

2. Controversies and Criticism

One controversy hovering over the NRA was the influence of the group on Olympic Team to meet its own goals. They also have had to step down from the governing body recommended for the sports of shooting in Olympics. The NRA is also opposed by many political groups, especially Democrats and liberals, due to its as conservationist influence on gun rights policies within the government. The NRA was rated as a group that makes guns more accessible for those owning them, and the organization has been criticized in the wake of several mass shooting incidents.

1. Modern Significance and Legacy

As the NRA also has political influence on many political parties, so it has called for the enactment of new gun laws. Until the present time, the organization has 230 victories in the field of legislation at the state level. They have attained success in the past years for prohibiting the usage of firearms in the time of emergency, exemption of the gun ranges from complaints about noise, and many other laws have been passed which state the influence of the National Rifle Association in American life, culture, and politics today.


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