The Most Visited Amusement Parks In Latin America

A roller coaster at Six Flags Mexico. Editorial credit: Byelikova Oksana /
A roller coaster at Six Flags Mexico. Editorial credit: Byelikova Oksana /

Amusement parks are recreational centers for people of all ages. The attractions, activities, and shows offered at such parks draw thousands of tourists and local visitors to them. Statista provides a list of Latin America’s most visited amusement parks. They are as follows:

10. The National Coffee Park, Colombia

The tenth most visited Latin American amusement park is located in Quindío, Colombia. The park was established in 1995. The attractions featured in this part include cable cars, world coffee garden, shows, etc. In total, there are about 40 attractions in the park that are divided into thematic, aquatic, and mechanical zones.

9. Fantasilandia, Chile

The ninth most visited Latin American amusement park, the Fantasilandia is located in Santiago, Chile. It was opened in 1978 with only eight attractions. Over the years, however, the amusement park grew rapidly by setting up more attractions.

8. Mundo Aventura, Colombia

This theme park is located in the Colombian city of Bogotá. It was opened to visitors in 1998. There are distinct theme areas in the park like the World Pombo, Pre-Columbian savanna, Natural world, etc. The last area is a special favorite of nature lovers. The area simulates a Colombian farm with its indigenous plants and animals. People visiting such farms can interact with the animals or feed them.

7. Mundo Petapa Irtra, Guatemala

The seventh most visited amusement park in Latin America is located in Guatemala. Roller coasters and water slides are a favorite of thrill seekers visiting the park. The park also maintains a small zoo that children love to visit. A large restaurant area caters to the gastronomic needs of the visitors to the park.

6. Parque Plaza Sésamo, Mexico

Located in Monterrey, this theme park is the Mexican counterpart of the Sesame Place of the US. The Parque Plaza Sésamo was opened in 1995. Numerous water attractions, shows, and rides are offered at this theme park. Occasionally, celebrity events are hosted at this venue. Characters from the two American television programs for kids, the Plaza Sésamo and Sesame Street, walk in the park. Guests, especially children, love posing for photos with these characters.

5. Xcaret Park, Mexico

A privately owned theme park, the Xcaret Park, is located in the Riviera Maya in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The Xcaret Experiencias Group operates this amusement park. The location of the park near the sea enhances its natural beauty. The park is built in the same area as an ancient archaeological site named Xcaret from where the park derives its name. The beautiful Xcaret Park offers several nature-based attractions and activities. Some examples are swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, a river ride through a Mayan village, Sea Trek, etc. Some of the other attractions at the park include a bat cave, a bird pavilion, butterfly pavilion, an orchids greenhouse, and more.

4. Hopi Hari, Brazil

The Hopi Hari is Brazil’s second largest amusement park. It is located in the São Paulo state of the country. The park was opened in 1999 and is an important contributor to the state’s economy today. It is part of a larger recreational complex, the SerrAzul Full Life, that also includes shopping malls, a water park, etc. The amusement park has five themed areas: the Wild West, Kaminda Mundi, Aribabiba, Infantasia, and the Mistieri. Each of these areas hosts their unique attractions.

3. La Feria Chapultepec Mágico, Mexico

This is the third most visited amusement park in Latin America. It is located in the Mexico City of Mexico. The park was opened in 1964. Initially, the government of the country handled the operation of the park. However, the ownership of the park was transferred to Grupo CIE in 1992. The amusement park hosts more than 50 different rides. It also has a number of animal attractions.

2. Beto Carrero World, Brazil

Latin America’s largest theme park and the second most visited one, is located in Penha, Brazil. It was founded on December 28, 1991. The park is named after Beto Carrero, a Brazilian entertainer, and businessman. The park is divided into a number of distinct theme areas like the Nations' Avenue, the Nations' Castle, Extreme Adventure, Madagascar, and others. The park has a lot to offer to the food lovers at its extensive food court offering a variety of dishes, beverages, and ice-creams. Cable car, Ferris wheel, and helicopter rides can also be enjoyed at the Beto Carrero. It even has a zoo with a variety of animals including the big cats.

1. Six Flags México, Mexico

The most visited amusement park in Latin America, the Six Flags México, is located on the Mexico City’s southern edge. The Six Flags Inc. owns the park. The park is divided into distinct themed areas like the Polynesian Village, Mexican Village, Villa Hollywood, etc. Each such area has its unique adventure rides and activities. The Superman el Último Escape (a roller coaster), The Joker (a spinning roller coaster), the Boomerang (a Vekoma roller coaster), and the SkyScreamer (an amusement ride) are some of the most famous rides in the park.

The Most Visited Amusement Parks In Latin America

RankTheme ParkAttendance in 2016 in millions
1Six Flags México, Mexico2.49
2Beto Carrero World, Brazil2.08
3La Feria Chapultepec Mágico, Mexico1.59
4Hopi Hari, Brazil1.47
5Xcaret Park, Mexico1.4
6Parque Plaza Sésamo, Mexico1.22
7Mundo Petapa Irtra, Guatemala1.22
8Mundo Aventura, Colombia1.18
9Fantasilandia, Chile1.09
10The National Coffee Park, Colombia1.05

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