The Most Successful Formula One Grand Prix Winners

Cars wind through the infield section of the speedway at the 2003 United States Grand Prix.
Cars wind through the infield section of the speedway at the 2003 United States Grand Prix.

The Most Successful Formula One Grand Prix Winners

Formula One abbreviated as F1 is an open wheeled auto racing of the highest class as defined by the F├ęderation Internationale de I'Automobile(FIA) which is a world governing body for motorsports. Formula One World Championship dates back to 1950 as the premier form of racing.

The Formula One Events

The formula in Formula One refers to some rules that all cars and their participants must adhere to. The F1 season for world championship comprises of series of races known as Grand Prix that are mostly carried out on purpose-built circuits while in some instances they are held on closed city streets. Results of the races are evaluated by use of points system that helps to determine the two annual World Champions one for the drivers and the other for constructors. For one to compete and race as a driver, they are required to hold valid Super Licences which is the highest class of racing license that is issued by the FIA. It is required that the F1 races be held on tracks graded 1. Most of the F1 events take place in rural areas with purpose-built tracks on them. At the end of the races each winner is given a trophy while the results of every race are added up together to determine the two annual Championships. One of the popular Grand Prix is the Monaco Grand Prix that is held in Monte Carlo.

Formula One Drivers

At present Michael Schumacher has the most victories having won 91 Grand Prix Championships. Lewis Hamilton comes in second with 53 Grand Prix victories, and Alan Prost as third with 51 Grand Prix victories. Sebastian Vettel is the fourth with 42 victories and has the most consecutive wins after winning nine Grand Prix in a row. Ayrton Senna comes in fifth with 41 victories. Fernando Alonso, Nigel Mansil, Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark and Niki Lauda come in as number 6, 7, 8, and 9 with 32, 31, 27, 25, and 25 victories respectively.

Micheal Schumacher

Micheal Schumacher is a retired German Formula One racing driver who was born on January 3rd, 1969. Schumacher is a seven-time World Champion of Formula One and is believed to be one of the greatest Formula One drivers. Schumacher was twice named as the Laureus World Sportsman of the year. Schumacher won twice with Benetton in 1994 and 1995 before he moved to Ferrari where he raced as a driver for 11 years. During his racing time with Ferrari, he won five consecutive titles between the years of 2000 and 2004. Besides, Schumacher holds plenty of Formula One's driver records which include fastest laps, race victories, most championships, and races won in a single season, and pole positions. In 2002, Schumacher became the only driver in the history of Formula One to finish in top three positions in all the races of a season. The official Formula One website acknowledges Schumacher as the greatest driver the sport has ever seen.

The Grand Prix Championship

Since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2016 who started competing there have been 106 different winners out of the 755 Grand Prix drivers., which gives way to a new age of Grand Prix Championship winners and possible the break-away culture of having one driver dominate the championship.

The Most Successful Formula One Grand Prix Winners

1 GermanyMichael Schumacher91
2 United KingdomLewis Hamilton53
3 FranceAlain Prost51
4 GermanySebastian Vettel42
5 BrazilAyrton Senna41
6 SpainFernando Alonso32
7 United KingdomNigel Mansell31
8 United KingdomJackie Stewart27
9 United KingdomJim Clark25
9 AustriaNiki Lauda25

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