The Most Extreme Points of Poland

A beach near Cape Rpzewie is the northernmost point in Poland.
A beach near Cape Rpzewie is the northernmost point in Poland.

Poland is located in Eastern Europe near the Baltic Sea. Its capital city is Warsaw. Poland has a total area of 120,729 square miles, making it the 69th largest county in the world. As of 2017, the country has a population of approximately 38 million people. Poland extends across diverse geographical regions. To the northwest, it touches the Baltic Sea coast while the northern region lies in the north European plains. Its neighbors include Belarus and Ukraine to the east, Germany to the west, Czech and Slovakia to the south, and Lithuania and Russia to the northeast. The Baltic Sea is on the northern side. This article focuses on the extreme points of Poland, their geographical description, and any interesting feature.

6. Northernmost Point in Poland

The northernmost point in Poland is a coastal beach in Jastrzerbia Góra in the town of Władysławowo near Cape Rozewie. The small town at the Baltic coast is rated the most beautiful and magnificent point among the Polish beaches. The beach is famously known as the Northern Star on the Baltic sandy Coast. The sandy beach lies is in the administrative district of Gmina Władysławowo in the county of Puck, Pomerania province. The town has a population of about 1068 people whose economic activity is tourism and fishing. The northernmost point can be accessed by air, by train or by road. The town is home to the historic old lighthouse of Rozewie and Lisi Jar, a huge natural ravine that carries people to the sea coast.

5. Southernmost Point in Poland

The Bieszczady Mountains in the extreme southeast of Poland.

The southernmost point is the Wolosate ridge located near Opolonek ranges on the eastern front of Beskid Mountains, Sub Carpathian Voivodeship.The point is located at 49.00238 °N 22.84710°E coordinates. The Beskids are almost 600 kilometers long and 50 to 70 kilometers wide and are the most prominent physical feature along the Southern borderline of Lesser Poland. It stretches long and wide with the Wolosate ridge along the eastern side. Wolosate ridge is green with bush lands though cold and windy during winter. From the Wolosate ridge, one can enjoy the great view of Wolosate village and also climb the Halicz hill.

4. Westernmost Point in Poland

The westernmost area in Poland is a point along the Oder River adjacent to the Osinow Dolny in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The river originates from the Czech Republic and flows through western Poland as the second longest river after the Vistula. It forms a 116 miles long border between Poland and Germany. The river flows towards the Szczecin Lagoon. The main branch of the river empties into that lagoon while the other branch proceeds through the Bay of Pomerania and eventually into the Baltic Sea. The biggest part of Oder River is navigable hence used to transport people and goods. The upper part has been canalized to facilitate navigation of larger barges.

3. Easternmost Point in Poland

The easternmost point in Poland is the Bug River found near Zosin, Hrubieszow County of the Lublin Voivodeship at 50.86852°N 24.14585°E coordinates. The 520 miles long river also referred to as Western Bug, is a major river in Europe because it flows through three countries namely Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine. The Bug, a tributary of Narew River runs along the border of Poland and Ukraine for 115 miles and along the Poland border with Belarus for 111 miles. It is the fourth longest river in Poland. Zosin, where the easternmost point is found is a small village administered by the Gmina Horodło district. The easternmost point is along the river in this rural most part of Zosin. The Bug River has a total basin of 15,200 square miles of which 50% is in Poland. The Bug basin experiences a temperate climate.

2. Highest Point in Poland

Mount Rysy of the High Tatras Mountains.

Mount Rysy is the highest point in Poland at 8,212 feet above the sea level. The mountain obtained the name from the local people. The name Rysy can be translated to mean crevices or scratches according to both the Polish and Slovak. The mountain located on the crest of the famous high Tatras lies on the border of Poland and Slovakia. Mount Rysy is spectacular in that it has three summits; the Northwestern peak at 8,199 feet, the Central peak at 8,212, and the Southeastern peak at 8,114 feet high. On the Poland side, the tallest peak is the Northwestern one and is registered under the Crown of Polish Mountains. The other two peaks are on the side of Slovak Republic. The mountain is accessible to tourists on foot from Lake Morskie Oko without the help of a mountain guide. The route is harder and steeper than the route on the Slovakia side. During winter, special equipment and skills are required to ascent the mountain. Ede Blásy and Ján Ruman-Driečny were the first people to climb to the peak of the granite mountain in 1840.

1. Lowest Point in Poland

The lowest point in Poland is Raczki Elbląskie located in Vistula lagoon, Pomeranian province. The point is (-1.8 m) below the sea level. The area is in the administrative district of Gmina Elblag in the county of Elblag and lies approximately 52 miles northwest of the regional capital Olsztyn. The village is sparsely populated with only 170 people due to low productivity and is prone to floods. The Vistula lagoon is approximately 56 miles long and not more than 15 miles wide though the depth goes up to 17 feet. Some branches of Vistula River have their mouth on the lagoon, notably the Pregolya and Nogat. The Polish part of the lagoon used to experience trading traffic but not anymore as the traffic has declined due to the border dispute.


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